Elden Ring Hyetta Quest And How To Reach The Church Of Inhibition

The Elden Ring Hyetta quest is a long and difficult quest related to the Frenzied Flame ending. It’s full of lore and literally transports you to the dark underbelly of the Lands Between, although watching it to the end also bans you from accessing the other endings unless you complete another tricky side quest.

How to start the Hittite quest in Elden Ring

Hietta’s quest begins after you complete Irina’s quest in the Weeping Peninsula, which involves delivering Irina’s letter to Edgar, defeating the castle boss of Morne (Leonina Illegitimate), talking to Edgar again, and witnessing his tragic reunion with Irina.

After that, head to the Avenger’s Hut in western Liurnia – west of the Rose Church – and interact with the bodies inside. Edgar appears as an invading NPC named Edgar the Avenger. Defeat him in combat to receive Shabriri Grapes. Travel to the place of grace at the rocks overlooking the lake, north of Stormvale Castle and speak with the woman standing nearby. She introduces herself as Hietta, a wanderer in search of light and Chabriri grapes. Give yours.

If you didn’t get the Grapes at the end of Stormvale Castle, go back through the north entrance and you’ll find it on a corpse at the far end of the room.

All Hyetta offices in Elden Ring

You will need to find Hietta three more times. Next time she’ll be in Cleansed Ruins, southwest of Liurnia Highway, Northern Place of Grace. Check out the long building on the edge of the cliff, away from the barracks.

Return to the barracks, defeat the soldiers and go down the stairs to find the last Shabriry grape and talisman.

Hietta’s third location is the Towne Bridge Gateway. Go there, turn right, and you will see that she is standing near the rocks. Give her the last Chabriri grape and tell her the terrible truth about what they are. Talk to her until there is no new dialogue, then quickly return to the same place and talk to her again. She will say that she has a new mission and thank you for your help.

From south to north, these are the places where Hietta moves.

Your next stop is the Bellum Church northeast of the Academy in Raya Lucaria, but this time Hietta wants Fingerprinted Grapes. To do this, you need to visit the Church of the Prohibition.

How to get to the Church of the Prohibition in Elden Ring

Head northeast from Bellum Church and hug the eastern cliffs to avoid most of the enemies. The rocks give way to a hill near the Grand Dectus Elevator, but there’s a new danger here: Raging Flame Tower (and some giant, fire-ridden rats, but you can ignore them). Raging Flame Tower will periodically ignite a massive fire beacon that quickly fills your insanity meter and drains your health and FP if you are exposed. Hide behind rocks where you can and replenish your health with Flask of Crimson Tears. If the madness bar fills up completely, you will lose a huge amount of HP and possibly die.

Instead of running up the hill, keep moving to the left of the tower. There is a Spiritwind that launches you behind the tower and mostly out of range of the flames and you will be safe from the tower in Frenzied Flame Village. Deal with the enemies there, then climb the ridge in the northern part of the village. You will have to time your dashes to minimize the impact of the flames again as you move towards the church.

Ignore Festering Finger Vyke and run to the church. Activate the Site of Grace so you can respawn here if you die during the battle. Vayk drops a fingerprinted grape after being defeated. Take this back to Bellum Church and give it to Hyetta.

Hyetta and the ending of Lord of the Raging Flame

Hyetta’s burning desire is to become the Maiden of Fingers, but she ends up serving the Three Fingers. You will then find her at the bottom of the Underground under Leindell, outside of the area where you get Raging Flames. Talk to her and take off her clothes before interacting with Three Fingers.

Melina leaves you for taking the flame, but Hetta takes her place as your guiding maiden. You will receive the Seal of Raging Flame, which enhances Raging Flame spells. However, it seems that the ending of Lord of Frenzied Flame will not affect the completion of the Hyetta quest in any way or not.

Accepting the flame will lock you into the Raging Flame ending unless you complete Millicent’s quest, fight Malenia, and obtain and use Mikella’s Needle.

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