Elden Ring Hyetta quest guide

Need help with the Elden Ring Hyetta quest? This quest is relatively easy compared to other NPC quests. It’s not particularly long, though the last step will take place right at the end of the game. Completing this quest does not trigger any of the Elden Ring endings but you will need a specific ending to complete the last step in this quest – you will miss the weapon reward otherwise.

When you meet her for the first time, Hyetta will ask you to bring her a certain item that can only be found in certain locations. Like other NPCs, she will change her location depending on what step you are on, so she can be difficult to follow. I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum but click now if you don’t want to risk it. Here’s what you need to know to complete the Elden Ring Hyetta quest.

Elden Ring Hyetta Location: Rocks overlooking the lake

The first place where you will meet Hietta is next to the rocks overlooking Lake Grace in Liurnia. This is the first thing you activate when you leave Stormvale Castle after defeating Godric, although you can also access it using the shortcut.

If she doesn’t show up for you, make sure you start Irina’s quest on the weeping peninsula south of Limgrave. You don’t seem to need to complete it to meet Hyetta, but you do need to pick up the letter that Irina gives you.

When you find her on the Rocks facing the lake, she will ask for any Chabriry grapes you may have. The first one you can find is in Stormvale Castle, in the room where you go down the stairs after defeating Godric. However, you don’t need to defeat the boss to get here – just find a small doorway to the castle from the place of grace facing the lake.

Once you have the grapes, give them to Hietta and you will receive the As You Wish gesture. Rest at any Grace Spot to move it to the next spot.

Finding Hietta in the Cleansed Ruins

Hyatt will now move to her next location in the Cleansed Ruins, southwest of the Liurnia Highway, north of Grace, and directly east of the Lasquiar Ruins. And as luck would have it, you can also get the next Chabriri Grape nearby.

Cleansed Ruins has a wooden floor blocking the basement and several enemies guarding the area. Kill them and roll to break the floor and go down the steps. The grapes are on the corpse to your left as you enter the room. There is also a chest here where you can find the Two Finger Talisman.

Offer grapes to Hietta and rest in the Place of Grace to progress.

Where to find Edgar

Hietta’s next step is the place of Grace at the City Gate Bridge, just to the north. You need another Chabriry grape, and this one is from Edgar, Irina’s father. If you killed him during the quest, he should have dropped the item, although you don’t actually pick it up – it appears if you reload into the area and return to where he died. Otherwise, arriving at the Avenger’s Hut, the Place of Grace in the west of Liurnia, he will prompt him to invade you.

If he doesn’t show up, make sure you’ve completed all the quest steps, including talking to Edgar after killing the Castle Morne boss and returning to the Bridge of Sacrifice to find him at Irina’s original location.

Once you have the Chabriri Grape, return to Hietta and hand it over. This time she will ask you what it is. Tell her the truth.

Where to Get Fingerprint Grapes

Now you need to find Hietta in the Bellum Grace Church, northeast of Rai Lukaria Academy. This time, she asks for a Fingerprint Grape, which requires you to kill the invader in the Church of the Forbidden.

If you have completed Search for Varreyou may have been in the area before. If not, it’s best to take the path south of Grand Dectus Elevator and climb up to the church at the top of the cliff. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as you’ll have to deal with the frenzy caused by the Mad Flaming Tower nearby.

It’s best to run around the terrain using Torrent and use the terrain whenever possible for a line of sight to the tower. As soon as you get close to the Place of Grace in the Church of the Forbidden, Vaik with a festering fingerprint will invade you. Defeat him to get the Fingerprinted Grape, then return to Hietta in Bellum and hand it over.

How to get Seal of Raging Flame

The final stage of this quest takes place in the Raging Flame Forbidden Grace Zone under the Underground Avoidance Zones in Lindell, the Royal Capital. After you talk to Hyetta near the Raging Flames door and exhaust her dialogue, follow her directions, remove your weapons and gear, and go through the door. This action triggers one of the endings, so make sure that’s what you want to do.

When you’re done, go back to Hyetta in the same place and touch her. After some more dialogue, you’ll be rewarded with a Raging Flame Seal, a weapon that empowers Raging Flames. spells.

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