Elden Ring is even more chock-full of Berserk references than usual for the Souls series

Last May, mangaka Kentaro Miura, best known for Berserk, passed away at the age of 54. from 1989 until Miura’s death. The influence of the creator can be seen in many games developed in Japan, but especially in the Souls games.

Since Demon’s Souls fans have been happy to choose enemy and environment designs that seem to be “inspired” by Berserker, many of FromSoftware’s aesthetic works are straight from the manga. It’s not just about things like swords: Enemies big and small, like the bone wheel skeletons, one of the series’ most infamous challenges, come straight from Berserk. Not to mention the thematic parallels of betrayal, revenge, free will, and the arrogance of power.

Elden Ring may have always been meant to be this way, but there’s an unmistakable feeling here that since Miura’s death, the Berserker tribute has become more explicit than ever. The giant tree forever looming in the background is visually inspired by Berserker’s world spiral tree, and a regular feature of the open world is “graveyards” of swords with a giant two-handed sword in the middle, which is unmistakably owned by the dragon slayer Guts. They are scattered in many different configurations, and it’s hard to shake the feeling that this landscape is one gigantic monument and an a to Miura’s work.

The game’s own two-handed sword has been redesigned from Dark Souls to look even more like a dragon slayer, and its description now reads “Although it requires the wielder to transcend the realm of a mere human to wield, it is for this very reason that this weapon is used to kill even non-human enemies.”

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Master Blacksmith Hyug is a bit like Blacksmith Berserker. Godot, but then Andre from Dark Souls was like that. Guts’ sword is behind his workbench.

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There are also some armors that are clearly inspired by Berserker, although they can be found relatively late in the game.

The list of visual innovations has grown since the first trailer for the game, but some of them are really amazing (to be honest, they have always been in Souls games).

FromSoft has always adopted elements of Miura’s work, but this time it seems more explicit than ever: something the studio wants players to notice, and something that could make someone read Berserk in the first place. once. Hey, this worked for me many years ago. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look for Guts’ two-handed sword and kill the demigods.


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