Elden Ring is the biggest game since Breath of the Wild

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We wanted to share the launch challenge to give you an idea of ​​what’s next. Let our team of editorial experts simplify your plans – subscribe here! Our top recommendation of the week: ancient ring. This game is exceptional. Its fantastic open world is crowded little guys, big swords, and smart tie-ins. But a word of warning: Video game is hard.

Despite making the game more accessible than the previous series,

FromSoftware made little effort to include accessibility options. And the players who missed Dark soulsBloodyas well as Sekiro you will have to devote hours to studying the unspoken rules of the game. We know from experience. Some of us fight the same early villains for hours some of the jokes are too similar. Luckily, our most seasoned Souls fans have prepared many useful guides. If you’re playing the most affable magic-wielding Astrologer class, can we recommend hurrying up with take the meteor staff and then defeat the ghouls that once blocked your path to becoming an Elder Lord?

When you conveniently located with ancient ring,

there’s a lot to learn about its creator and the idiosyncratic games that led to the first huge hit of 2022. Simon Parkin gave an interview to The New Yorker. directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. Eurogamer always sparkling Christian Donlan compared ancient ring to fortniteand you know what? The comparison makes amazing sense! So yes, we recommend giving an ancient ring shot, even if you’re scared. Worst case scenario: you can ride on a magic horse with the possibility of a double jump. Or could you just look on youtube. This works too!

This week on YouTube | The 1995 game Dinotopia featured actual animatronic dinosaur puppets in cutscenes. These huge, incredible dolls were made using almost the same methods as Stan Winston Studios. Jurassic Park – but at a fraction of the budget. Special effects artist André Freitas of AFX Studios tells Polygon’s Simone de Rochefort how the puppets were made.

Four stories to read

Graphics: James Barham/Polygon

Best of 2022 | We launched the newsletter today and we are already breaking the rules. Instead of a single story, we recommend our collection of 2022 best entertainment lists. Games, films, a television, anime – we have all

!The story behind Netflix’s weirdest show | We spoke with Adi Shankar, the creator Guardians of Justiceabout how he created this caffeinated cocktail of anime, plasticine, Saturday morning cartoons and CGI.

A closer look at the world’s largest gaming company | Kee Hoon Chan introduced us to the history, strategy, and ambitions of mega video game publisher Tencent. If you are not familiar with this name, you will definitely recognize its subsidiaries and investments. Tencent owns Riot Games and has a significant stake in Epic Games, the creator of fortnite.

Ukrainian official urges game makers to keep Russian players out | Game publishers, developers and game industry advocates have begun to react to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Many developers collaborate to raise money to help the Ukrainians. Microsoft, adviserand publisher of The Witcher CD Project suspended sales to Russia. EA Sports removed Russian commands from their NHL and FIFA games. Ukraine is home to many video game producersand Polygon will continue to update you on how you can support them and their country throughout this war.

Three things to seePhoto composition of two images of Robert Pattinson as Batman from the movie

Photo illustration: James Barham/Polygon | Source images: Warner Bros. Picture

Batman in theaters | Batman it’s a good but not great reboot we wish forwent a little harder. However, Robert Pattinson’s role as the iconic character is his best live-action appearance since The Dark Knight. If you want to Bat Marathon, we’ve listed the best viewing order. every batman movie. (Of course, one option starts with Batman and Robin.)

After Yang in theaters | We’ve been looking forward to director Kogonada’s new film ever since we saw his heartbreaking debut. Columbus. His last After Yang, connects the director to two things we love: fantasy and Colin Farrell. What a week for Farrell, who also plays Penguin in Batman.

Our flag means death on HBO Max | Cult TV show creator People of the Earth returns to TV with what looks like a mashup What are we doing in the shadows as well as Pirates of the Caribbean. The casting of Taika Waititi and Leslie Jones is enough to pique our interest.

Plus, everything new in streaming: drive my car! West Side Story!

Three games to playDestiny 2: Witch Queen, Savathoon

Destiny 2: Witch Queen | It took fans less than a day to convert big opening in meme. That is, if you care about this game, you already play it. And if you’re not the right person, well, that’s what are our guides for?. Available on PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.

Gran Turismo 7 | Young readers probably don’t remember when the new Gran Turismo seemed like the biggest release in video games. We have used our years of experience with the series to explain the unusual feature that the new GT will play in 2022. Available on PS4, PS5.

final fantasy 6 Pixel remaster | It’s obvious what you need now is one more game that eats up dozens of hours. Available on Windows, iOS, Android.

Free Game of the Weekturquoise robot showing thumbs up in Aperture Desk JobImage: Valve

Aperture Desktop | To showcase their new portable gaming PC, Valve launched a free spin-off of the popular series. Portal. Aperture Desktop runs on a PC with a traditional game controller, but was designed to showcase the power of Steam Deck. Available on Windows and SteamOS.

The best of the restBoji looks up and smiles at the ranking of kings.


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