Elden Ring keepsakes: What’s the best starter gift?

The gaps between the lands are a deadly place, so it’s only right that fate bestows a boon on you before pushing you to hell. Each of these Elden Ring souvenirs comes with its own special benefits, and depending on which Elden Ring class you choose, you’ll likely need a specific starter gift.

When creating your character in Elden Ring, you can choose a starting gift that will offer you a little help in the world. Similar to Souls grave gifts, they range from free upgrades to items and keys you can use later in the game. Here’s what you can get:

These special items follow the same theme as the Dark Souls games: a crimson amber medallion replaces the Life Ring, the Golden Seed is replaced with an Estus Shard, and there’s even an Elden Ring stone sword key that will lead to a treasure a little further downstream. Road. If you want to make your experience tougher, you can even choose to forego the initial gift or opt for one that makes enemies aggressive.

In this Elden Ring beginner gift guide, I’ll take a look at each of these boons, and it’s likely to prove more powerful than the others or pay dividends later.

What is the best starter gift in Elden Ring?

There are a lot of great gifts available at the beginning of Elden Ring, but it all depends on what you want to simplify. The golden seed of Elden Ring, for example, will give you an extra charge of your flask for healing or FP, which is a really powerful starting boon. The Arcane Branch gives you five ways to charm enemies into fighting for you, and it can be very powerful if you choose the right opponents.

However, I think the best keepsake – stone sword key, as the gold seeds will be much easier to find afterward. These keys remain rare throughout the game. Like the Pharros Lockstones from Dark Souls 2, you can insert this key into a statue to open a doorway that usually leads to treasure or a secret location. At the very beginning of the game, there is one such doorway leading to the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon in Elden Ring. This is probably the hardest dungeon in Limgrave, with a very strong Elden Ring boss, especially if you’re trying to complete it early in the game.

However, this Elden Ring dungeon provides excellent rewards such as an NPC that summons Spiritual Ash in the form of Oleg, a golden seed, a powerful talisman, and a fair amount of runes to spend on leveling. So, if you want challenges and rewards, I recommend taking the Stone Sword Key. Otherwise, go for the golden seed. Fanged Imp Ashes are fun too, but you’ll need a Spirit Summoning Bell first, and when you get it, you’ll still get Lone Wolf Ashes to summon.

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Elden Ring souvenirs explained.

Crimson Amber Medallion

“A medallion encrusted with crimson amber. Increases maximum HP.” 

It doesn’t get much easier than that, really. The crimson amber medallion will make the early game of Elden Ring a little more forgiving. However, these HP boost items are generally not particularly useful in the long run, so you’re probably better off picking the next item on our list.

golden seed

“A golden seed washed ashore from the Interearth. They say it strengthens the Sacred Flasks.” 

The Golden Seed is the counterpart to the Estus Flask Shard from Dark Souls in Elden Ring, and it will allow you to increase the number of charges your Sacred Flask can store. This is a more flexible and useful item that performs the same function as the medallion.

Lands between runes

“The gold of grace that shines in the eyes of the people of Interearth. Use it to get a lot of runes.” 

It’s definitely a pass since Elden Ring is littered with runes, the game’s equivalent of XP or Dark Souls souls.

Fanged Imp Ashes

“Ashes of small, tiny golems. It is said that the ashes hold the spirits within.” 

Spirit Ashes are a new form of summoned help in Elden Ring, different from the co-op or story NPC helpers in the game. Spiritual Ashes can be used in certain fights to summon some support, usually weaker than a true countryman or the aforementioned NPCs, but still useful. While you could do worse than fanged imp ashes, you can quickly find superior minions with our guide on where to find spirit ashes in Elden Ring.

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cracked pot 

“Three strange cracked pots that somehow mend themselves. Container for some abandoned items. 

Cracked pots are used in the crafting system of Elden Ring and are reusable components in the creation of this game, the equivalent of firebombs from Dark Souls. Definitely one of the most useful souvenirs.

⭐Stone Sword Key

“Two stone keys in the form of swords. Destroy the seal on imp statues, but can only be used once.” 

This is an S tier memento. The rewards behind the misty doors of the imp statue are superior to anything offered by other mementos.

Enchanting branch

“Five sacred branches charged with deceptive power. They are said to be descended from the demigod Michelle.” 

The ability to enchant enemies to fight by your side can certainly turn the tide of some fights and can lead to some very funny results if used on the right target. However, the consumable nature of Enchanting Branch makes it worse than Fang Imp Ash if you need combat support.

boiled shrimp

“Five pieces of boiled shrimp. Increases protection against physical damage.” 

Again, the consumable nature of this item places it directly below Crimson Amber Medallion or Golden Seed. However, lower-tier boiled shrimp might have some utility as an Elden Ring memento meme.

Grief Shabriri

“Insane likeness of a goddess with no eyes. Attracts enemy aggression.” 

The choice for the masochist who wants to avoid stealth, or more tactically, the player who wants to engage in fun collaboration and tanking for their masters.

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