Elden Ring Malenia boss guide

She is looking for how to beat Melania in Elden Ring? There’s a good reason it’s optional, and it’s arguably one of the hardest bosses we’ve seen in Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. There are two big reasons for this. First, when she hits you, she heals herself, including blocking attacks with shields. This can turn the first stage of the fight into an absolute slog as you slowly burn through your flasks, and she’s about as healthy as she started out.

The second reason for this attack. If you’ve fought her, you’ll know that at some point in the fight, she’ll usually jump into the air and then come down at you with a whirlwind of blades, and it’s one of those rare attacks that you can’t just attack like that. Rollback spam from. If she jumps and you just start rolling, you will most likely be killed unless you are an absolute master. However, there are several ways to defeat Melania, Mikella’s Blade in Elden Ring, even if it is very heavy.

I’ve often used Elden Ring Spirit Ashes to fight this boss, partly because there aren’t many summonses right now, and I’ve seen different tactics work to defeat Melania Elden Ring. Naturally, this guide will contain spoilers for the boss and the area you find her in.

Location of Elden Ring Melania

If you’re wondering why you haven’t met this demigod yet, it’s probably because you haven’t reached her realm. Melania looks like one of those DLC bosses for Dark Souls 3; as an additional addition to the endgame, which is incredibly cool, but not off the beaten track. You can find her at the Haligtree Roots site of grace, in the far north of the region that you unlock with the Elden Ring Haligtree medallion. You will have to travel through several locations, complete the Ordrina Gaol task and go through the brace of the Haligtree itself.

First phase

How to beat Melania in Elden Ring

I have seen a lot of tactics with Melania and a number of weapon combinations. In short, they:

  • Attack her with three people, knocking her out and knocking her unconscious.
  • Use another player and trade her aggro between them (ideally with jump attacks).

Since Melania is easy to stun in the first phase, playing with three people and effectively constantly hitting her can work. However, you need to be pretty tough to do this, as you can’t stun her indefinitely. This is especially effective if you have someone wielding the Sword of Night and Flame and using its beam to knock her down periodically, or Radan’s swords – basically any weapon or skill that knocks her down. Melania staggers easily, allowing him to land critical hits, so jump attacks are also effective. However, I can’t recommend using dragon breath spells, as they obscure it. Like many other Elden Ring bosses, bleeding and frost are just as strong as shields, as they will stop her regeneration for at least one hit.

The only problem with bringing Melania third person is that it increases the amount of damage you need to deal with, gives her another health drain to drain, and makes her aggro more unpredictable, which increases your chances of getting hit. The same goes for Spirit Bell, which is useless 9 out of 10 times in this fight due to lack of self-preservation. While it’s possible with them, they often just tank and give her health. This is one of the reasons it’s hard to be aggressive in this fight because if you get hit, that damage matters very little.

The best way to defeat Melania that I have come across is two players with heavy weapons trade her aggression with jump attacks. It takes a little longer than bundling but doesn’t let her focus on one character for too long. Because she wobbles, you can often completely interrupt another player’s attacks.

Though power weapons are perfect, this can be done with any combination of weapons or even one power weapon and a caster. The key is to transfer aggro between you, so she never focuses too much on one or the other. This is also a fight against evasion. You can use a shield if you want, but be aware that the fight will last significantly longer, if not indefinitely, as she will regenerate health when she hits your shield. Her quick strikes eliminate most of the damage you deal.

Respec if you need to, but this is a fight worth having a decent amount of health and stamina in, and having more health will also allow you to use light gear to make your dodges more effective. However, there is the elephant in the room, and it’s “what’s the point if she kills you every time with that jump attack?” Well, there are several ways to handle/predict this.

Fast attack dod

The upside of this three-person stun-lock festival is that sometimes Melania won’t even get a chance to land his kill attack, but honestly, it’s better to have a solution if that happens, and there are two options I used. Which work most of the time:

  • Equip a large shield in your left Hand and quickly switch as it jumps into the air to deflect blows. Keep moving back and make sure you’re not directly under it. You’ll need a decent amount of stamina to do this, and it will heal some of her health.
  • When she jumps into the air, run as fast as you can until she completes the first two attack phases, then dodges through her as she approaches you for the third. Positioning allows you to do this. If you’re right under her or switch aggro when she jumps, you’re practically dead.

While you can never predict when she will make this attack, it often happens after she staggers and stands up from a critical hit. While the first option can work stably, the problem is that all these hits restore her health. The second option is much better, and I managed to avoid this attack four times in one fight using it. The key is to run as soon as you see her jump. She might even catch you in the back a couple of times, but as long as she pauses, you can still go a little more before dodging the third attack.

The downside to this is that if you’re below her and she’s jumping, you have little to no chance. Even with a bit of gear, I think it would be impossible to dodge him from this position, if not too hard to be a consistent decision. But that’s why it’s a good option to trade aggro, as you can keep your distance and keep enough stamina to run away if she jumps. In any case, if you see her jumping, don’t just start rolling or back away slowly (unless you’ve switched to a big shield).

Finally, consider optimizing your talismans for maximum damage. If you’re lightly equipped, you can use the Blue Talisman of the Dancer to boost your damage. The ritual talisman of the sword will also do the same as the talisman of the claw for jump attacks.


How to pass the second phase of Melania

If you have successfully completed the first stage, the second is certainly possible. The only real difference is that some of her blind spots are gone as plumes of scarlet rot erupt from the floor after some of her attacks. Two new steps to worry about:

  • She jumps into the air and sends out scarlet spirits that attack you from all directions. It’s not instant, so if you dodge with a little delay, you’ll be fine. Just keep in mind that she dives after. Swoop aggro seems to be related to proximity, and sometimes it switches right at the end, so be careful. Also, watch out for the spirit near the end of the attack, which appears out of nowhere on the left.
  • On the first attack of this phase, she swoops down and transforms into a flower that explodes, dealing damage on impact and on the explosion. She can do this throughout the fight, or she can very suddenly change her mind about which player to hit. Just be ready to dodge, wait for the flower to disappear and fall, then run up and attack before she gets up. If you have spells, just fire at her.

Overall, this is a rough fight, and sometimes you just die due to the randomness of that jump attack or because you were in a bad place for it. Either way, transferring aggression between two players is a tactic that works for both phases, and it worked the best I’ve seen in about 10 hours of challenge.

The last thing I would like to say is that this is not the main boss. If you think you’re not doing enough damage, or you rushed to the Haligtri area, go somewhere else and level for a while. Elden bosses are tough even if you’re not too low level, so one of the most important things you can do to make the boss easier is to find some Elden Ring Forging Stones that you can use to upgrade your weapons and get a few more levels. Luckily, the enemies in the Haligtri area give an insane amount of runes.

Melania’s Hand

How to get Melania’s Hand in Elden Ring

You may have already been invaded by someone wielding the sword of Melania, who immediately jumped into that hurricane blade move. Melania’s Hand is her weapon in combat, and you can get it with her memory from Finger Reader Enya. His skill is called “Waterfowl Dance” and allows you to recreate an attack from a boss fight, though I’m not sure I’ll ever want to do it again on someone else.

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