Elden Ring map fragments guide

You are wondering where to find all the Elden Ring map fragments? The world of the Intermediate Lands is absolutely huge. Just when you think the game will stop progressing, new areas emerge from the fog and give you a whole new region of mysteries to uncover and better bosses. However, before you can see the full map for each region, you need to get a map snippet. With the exception of the Siofra River, map fragments can be found on pillars with glowing text. You can even see these pillars on the map before you unlock the fragment if you uncover enough hazy emptiness by exploring.

Most often, these poles are located on the sides of the roads. But if you don’t want to roam the hostile terrain without a map handy, here’s where to find the Elden Ring map tiles for each of the game’s regions.


Elden Ring Map Fragment Locations

West Lingrave

Take it from the body at the Pillar in the middle of the Gatehouse Ruins camp.

East Lingrave

Head south on the road through the Misty Forest by the giant Erd Tree, and you’ll find a pillar on the left side of the road. Head south from Limgrave East across the Bridge of Sacrifice and continue south along the road. You’ll pass a broken carriage, a troll, a few dogs and spot a Tear Scarab before spying on the castle from a distance. The map post should be in front of you to the right of the road. However, beware of the Ruin Golem Archer.


From Review Balcony Site of Grace, go east up the road. You’ll pass the ruined caravan before it turns south past the ruins of Kelem, the Smoldering Wall of Grace, and finally the ruins of Caelid’s Waypoint on the right before it turns east again. Keep walking past the sleeping dragon, and you’ll find a map post at the fork in the road.

dragon mound

From the Review Balcony Site of Grace in East Limgrave, head east along the road past a ruined caravan and large dogs. Continue east past the other dogs on the right and jump over the gorge at the narrowest point. Continue on, and you’ll find the Western Grace Site of Dragon Mound, and along that eastern road is a map pillar. And some very large dragons.

Eastern Liguria

From the place of grace facing the lake, follow the road heading west past the soldiers’ camp until you reach the place of grace on the shores of Lake Liurnia. Follow the swampy road marked with walls and lanterns until you find a column on the right surrounded by enemies.

Northern Liurnia

Found by Grace City’s Gateway Academy site. Head northwest from the place of grace on the shores of Lake Liurnia until you see the sunken city with the academy gate on the right. It’s quite a long path with many enemies. If you spot three giant lobster monsters around the statue or spot the fallen ruins at Grace Lake, you’ve gone too far west, so head northeast to find the town.

Western Liguria

Follow the road heading north along Western Liguria. You will pass the Four Bell Towers on the hill, the military camp, and the convoy. Keep walking, and you’ll notice a map post to the left of the road, just past the place of grace on the shores of North Liurnia Lake.

Altus Plateau

Once you have collected both halves of the Dectus Medallion and activated the Dectus Grand Elevator in northern Liberia, follow the road leading to the Altus Plateau. At the fork in the road, go left and keep walking until you see a map post on the left side.

Mount Gelmir

This region is one of the most difficult to navigate in the entire game, especially since its main road leading west from the Bridge of Iniquity, Place of Grace, stops halfway at a broken bridge. This means that you need to go to the mountains to get to the map pillar.

Heading west along the road, look for the stairs on the left side. Climb up it and go further west to the camp of soldiers with a siege tower. At the far end, you’ll find a pumpkin head with a rock ledge behind it, where you can jump onto the next rock. Climb up the next ladder on the rock in front of you, keeping an eye out for the Grafted Offspring that will fall from above.

Keep climbing, beware of the puppet enemies, until you reach the soldier camp at the very top. Take the left path through the camp and cross the wooden rope bridge. Use the Spirit Spring to jump to the boss crater, then head west to the rocky ledge and jump over the chasm. Keep going down until you find a map pillar and the Road of Iniquity, a place of grace, but watch out for the giant pet monster.

Leindell, Royal Capital

After you’ve climbed the stairs into the city, past the two Tree Guardians, you’ll find a Place of Grace, a golden sapling, and a pillar with a map next to it.

Western Peaks of the Giants

From where the Grand Lift of Rold rises, walk down the track a bit, and you will find a map post on the right side of the track.

Eastern Peaks of the Giants

From Whiteridge Road’s Grace Place, head south across the fort and across the chain bridge to find a pillar.

Siofra River

From the well of the Siofra River in the Misty Forest, which allows you to go underground, keep going forward, up the elevator, past the big crab, until you reach a place of grace on the banks of the Siofra River. Head east past the Pillar to find a body lying on the steps of the temple containing the body of a deer. This body has a map.

How big is the Elden Ring map really?

The land between the lands of Elden Ring is absolutely huge, with 13 different regions in total, including many of the later game areas.


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