Elden Ring Margit the Fell Omen guide

I beat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring on my first try… in co-op. With two players, we easily divided his attention, stayed out of range of his giant magic ax attacks, and nullified him with powerful magic when he turned his back. Ha! He spoke harshly but fell like a fool. Full of confidence, I returned to fight Margit the Fallen alone… and was defeated at least a dozen times. I fought tired, not paying much attention to learning and reacting to Margit the Fallen. And like many Souls bosses, Margit requires that kind of skill. He’s fast, hits hard, and has an extensive arsenal of moves to hit you both up close and at close range as well as far range. You will never be safe in this fight and the windows for stealth are very small. This is one exciting, tough fight.

If you’re having trouble destroying it, I’ve been there so I can help with this Elden Ring Margit the Fell Omen guide. Here are the attack patterns you need to learn and some tips to make the fight easier.

Elden Ring Margit the Fell Omen: Attacks to watch out for

napkin tail

If you stand right behind Margit after he completes the attack combo, you’ll be safe for a few seconds and then he’ll probably do a cool attack to hit you with his tail, knocking you down. It happens quickly, so be prepared for it.

Magic Blade

In the first half of the fight, Margit mainly attacks with two weapons: a staff in her right hand and a glowing magic blade (which still deals physical damage) that she summons in her left hand. The staff attack is a relatively slow, heavy strike, but Margit summons the sword to deliver a quick combo at close range, even when it looks like it’s in the staff attack’s recovery animation. This attack gave me the most trouble because he always used it when I thought I had an opportunity. To be on the safe side, don’t try to land more than one attack before dodging or placing a shield.

Blade Throw

When you retreat to heal, Margit likes to re-summon two magical blades and throw them at you. Every time you move a little distance to drink from your flask, move side to side so he can’t hit you. They are easy to dodge if you are ready for them.


The most dangerous thing about this fight is Margit’s unpredictable combo patterns. Sometimes he swings once or twice, and sometimes he combines a spinning attack into a sequence of several strikes. Don’t try to attack him: just block or dodge backwards if you think you might get out of the staff’s reach. I think blocking is easier since he will be waving several times in a row. As a rule, you have to keep your distance and wait for him to hammer jump, which makes opening much easier.

Hammer Jump

This is Margit’s heaviest hit, but also the best window for you to land a couple of hits if you dodge correctly. Once his health reaches 60 percent, Margit will summon a giant glowing hammer with her left hand. At close range, he will swing at you, but when you get some distance away, he will instead perform a jump attack from above. You want to draw it out and then roll towards it at the last moment, dodging the blow and getting to your feet right in front of Margit. This will give you a couple of seconds of safety to cry on him.

If you’re not using magic, turn all of your flasks into Crimson Tears.

It’s a small item, but it will help you go into battle with a lot of healing power in your back pocket. On-site of Lost Grace, you can balance your flask usage between Crimson Tears (HP) and Sky Blue Tears (FP). Set all four to Crimson Tears so you have four sips of life-giving liquid.

However, if you rely on magical attacks to deal damage, you will need at least one flask of Cerulean Tears to replenish your FP. See if you can get by with one and if you find yourself running out of FP before Margit killed herself, raise the balance to a 50-50 split.

Use spirit ashes to distract Margit

Spirit Ashes are a version of Elden Ring summonable NPCs like Solaire, but this time they are items that you acquire and can reuse throughout the game. You can buy two ashes from the Kale Merchant near the Limgrave entrance: Lone Wolf Ashes and Noble Wizard Ashes.

Lone Wolf Ash is good for this fight because it spawns three wolves that can distract Margit for a while. You don’t count on their damage: they just need to stay alive long enough to take aggro away from you so you can rush in and land a few hits.

slow down

If you’re taking on Margate, you’d better take your time. The more angry you get, the closer you get, the more he will become an unstoppable combo force. Instead, take a step back and find the average distance. Here it becomes more predictable.

When you keep your distance, he will most likely throw magic knives at you and hopefully follow up with an air attack, or he will try to close the distance with a heavily telegraphed slash with his stick followed by a backhand slam. If it’s the former, roll onto him as he’s about to land and land a couple of hits. During his first phase, he will jump back more often than retaliate. In the second phase, don’t be overconfident, because the next one could be a flurry of attacks. Repeat this enough times and it will be finished.

Magic-Users: Attack with bestial claws or shining stone stars.

Both of these spells hit Margit hard and combined with Lone Wolf’s Ashes, you’ll be able to deal a lot of damage to him, mostly avoiding his wrath. If you want a real one-on-one fight, using magic is harder, but definitely doable.

Beast Claws is the starting spell for the Prophet class and is based on faith. You can charge the spell for increased range and damage which is a fantastic move but you have to be very careful how you use it because Margit has both jump attacks and throwing knives to hit you at a very large distance fast. If you feel Margit’s range, you can stand next to him, charge Animal Claws, and release right before he jumps on you to deal some damage.

Don’t try to charge this attack when you are close – Margit is too fast and will kill you before you can cast it.

Glintstone Stars is a sorcery that creates three magical projectiles that automatically target Margit. You can get it from the Sorceress Sellen, who spawns in the Post Town Remains on the eastern edge of the map after you’ve killed the Pumpkin Head boss. To find the Post City Remains, cross the big bridge and find a ruin filled with large plants (not one of them is going to shoot magical beams of light at you). Among the ruins there is a staircase leading to the boss room. When using Glintstone Stars, be sure to keep a safe range. Again, you don’t want to get nailed while you’re stuck in a casting animation.

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