Elden Ring Millicent quest guide

Millicent from Elden Ring is one of the NPCs with her own story. Although it’s not as scary as an early guest, you will need to follow a few more steps and come across more than a couple of bosses to complete it.

Millicent’s quest starts in Caelida at Gowri’s Hut, so you can get it pretty early. However, the next steps will require you to explore the game in more depth, so don’t expect to finish this quickly if you don’t have enough story progression. As always with such guides, be careful, spoilers ahead. If you’re ready to get stuck, here’s how to complete the Elden Ring Millicent quest.

Overview of the quest Millicent in Elden Ring

Here is a summary of the steps you need to take to complete this quest:

  • Go to Gauri’s Shack in Caelida and talk to the NPC there. Agree to help him.
  • Kill Commander O’Neill to get the Solid Gold Needle.
  • Return Gauri’s item to his hut.
  • Find Millicent in the Church of the Plague and give her the item.
  • Go back to Gauri at his hut and talk to Millicent.
  • Obtain the Valkyrie’s Prosthetic Arm at the Shadowed Castle in the Atlus Plateau.
  • Speak with Millicent at Atlus Plateau and hand over the item.
  • Defeat the boss in Windmill Village, then talk to Millicent there.
  • Speak with Millicent at the top of Giant Mountain.
  • Access Haligtree and find Millicent.
  • Defeat the Corrupted Tree Spirit mini-boss.
  • Make a choice.

Gauri Hut

Where to find Gauri’s shack

Gauri’s shack is located in the southern part of Calid, south of Sellia, the City of Sorcery. If you haven’t explored this area yet, the easiest way to get here is through a patch of grace in the swamps of Southern Aeonia to the southwest. Once there, talk to Gauri in the wooden hut and he will tell you that he wants to cure the girl, but first you need to find an item.

Pure golden needle

How to get a solid gold needle

This item drops from Commander O’Neill, a boss found in the nearby Aeonia Swamp. It’s located in a circle of trees on the eastern edge of the swamp, but it’s worth capturing the Place of Grace in the north right away so you’ll spawn right next to the boss’s arena if he gives you trouble.

Commander O’Neill isn’t particularly strong, but he calls for help, making the fight more annoying. If you’re having trouble taking him down, you can fight the boss and then take him back to the Inner Eonia’s Place of Grace. The Scarlot Rot geysers do decent damage to him here, so you can kite him into them to quickly lower his health. You can also fight him while riding the Torrent, which can be useful.

Once you have a clean golden needle, return to Gauri’s shack and hand over the item. Either make a quick trip back and forth or rest in the Place of Grace and Gauri will return the repaired needle.

Church of the Plague

How to get to the Church of the Plague

Then you need to head to the Church of the Plague, which is located east of Gauri’s Hut, but on top of a cliff.

When you gave Gowri the Solid Gold Golden Needle in the last step, he told you the secret of Sellia, which allows you to pass to the road from this side. You can go ahead and light the beacons in the village to gain access, or you can use the Torrent to drop down to the location from the beast sanctuary to the north. You can access the sanctuary when you take your first Root of death and talk to D in the round table hold.

Millicent is inside the ruins of the church. Pass the needle, then rest at the nearest Grace Spot. Talk to her again until she gives you the Prosthetic Heirloom Talisman.

Now you need to return to Gauri’s Shack. Talk to Gauri, then quickly get to the nearest Grace Site and return to his hut. Millicent should be there now. Talk to her and exhaust her dialogue options.

Atlus Plateau

Find Millicent on the Atlus Plateau

You won’t find Millicent again until you reach the Atlus Plateau, just beyond Grand Dectus Elevator in the northeast of Liurnia. You can find her north of Erdtree’s place of grace Looking up the hill, but you won’t be able to continue her quest until you get the Valkyrie’s Prosthetic item from a chest in the Shadowed Castle area.

The map above shows the location and you will need to fight or run past the Pure Rot Knight to gain access to the room where he is located.

After receiving the item, return to Millicent and hand it over. Now you need to keep talking to her until you run out of new dialogues.

Windmill Village

Defeat the Skin God Apostle in Windmill Village.

Now you need to go to the windmill village north of the Atlus Plateau. After you activate the Windmill Village, head up the narrow patch of land to the east and you’ll find the Godskin Apostle upstairs, next to the windmill.

This boss is quite strong and you should be ready to dodge. many. The repeated magical damage seems to upset his balance and he seems to be somewhat prone to bleeding. As with most bosses, it’s best to play it safe and be ready to dodge until you get to grips with his attack patterns and hints for his more devastating attacks.

After you defeat the boss, activate Windmill Heights. Take a rest, or make a quick trip back and forth, and you’ll find Millicent here. Exhaust her dialogue one more time.

Top of the mountain of giants

Speak with Millicent at the top of Giant Mountain.

You won’t see Millicent again until you get to the top of the mountain in the Giant region, east of Leindell, the capital of the Realms. You can find her in the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, at the Place of Grace, south of Sol Castle and southeast of the Stargazer Ruins.

Talk to her here and she will say that you can call her into battle. She also talks about finding Malenia and mentions the medallion. For details on accessing the endgame zone, check out our Guide to the Haligtri Medallion.

At this point, you can return to Gauri’s Hut in Caelida and talk to him about Millicent. There are several dialogue options you can explore.


Millicent’s Choice in Efael, Haligtri Staple

Once you have access to the Haligtree, make your way until you reach the Grace Prayer Room. This is an endgame area, so expect strong enemies and at least one boss to get past it to get to it.

Find Millicent and talk to her and she will tell you about Malenia. Continue until you defeat the Deviant Tree Spirit mini-boss, then rest in the Place of Grace. Return to the boss area and you will find two challenge signs and face a choice similar to Sellen’s quest choice. That yellow call sign you will summon Millicent to help her defeat the NPC invaders. That red call sign will allow you to invade and kill her.

We’re not sure what happens if you choose to kill her, but if you go with the yellow challenge badge and help her kill NPCs, you’ll be rewarded with the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, a talisman that greatly increases attack power with subsequent hits. .

You can then rest at the Place of Grace – or quickly travel back and forth – and find Millicent near where the summon signs were. Talk to her, then rest again and you will return to find her body. You can loot it for the Solid Gold Needle item, which you can use to get Mikella’s Needle for one of the Elden Ring endings.


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