Elden Ring Mimic Tear: Where To Get This Powerful Spirit Ash And Why You Should

Why You Will Definitely Need Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes

While most spirit ashes summon ghost versions of downed foes whose usefulness varies depending on the battle, Mimic Tear gives you a completely unique opportunity to nearly double your strength and survivability by cloning yourself. That’s right – Mimic Tear actually summons an identical clone of you that wears whatever gear and weapons you currently have.

An AI-controlled clone of your character makes great use of your abilities and can even use spirits and other craftable items that you have prepared and equipped. They even heal themselves with their own flasks after a little damage. In other words, they are invaluable against strong enemies that would otherwise wipe the floor with another summons that do not have self-sustaining mechanics.

Since Mimic Tear copies any equipment you are wearing when you summon it. You can even equip the specific weapon or armor you want to use and then quickly replace your own once the summon is complete. This is especially useful for giving them one type of status-affecting weapon and then switching to another type for yourself, giving you the ability to apply multiple types of effects to an enemy. The possibilities are almost endless.

Where to find the mimic ashes of the spirit of tears

In order to get the Mimic Tear, you need to defeat one of the hardest bosses in the game, Radahn, which is the final encounter with Redmane Castle in southeast Caelid. Radan is a mid-game boss, so your chances of defeating him in the early game are significantly low. However, once you do so, an event will occur that causes a star to fall from the sky and land in the Misty Forest, a heavily forested area located in the eastern part of Limgrave. Go there further.

Once you arrive at Mistwood and find a massive crater left by a fallen star, you will have to descend into an underground area known as Nocron, the Eternal City. This location starts with you traversing a bunch of rooftops until you come across a city square filled with enemies and only one main path ahead. Making your way along this path will take you to a boss room where you will actually face the Mimic Tear version of yourself in battle.

Exact location of Mimic Tear

If you’re feeling lost on your Elden Ring journey, check out this interactive map for more directions.

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