Elden Ring Modders Have Added Easy And Hard Modes

March was a month full of discussions, mainly due to Elden Ring and its complexity.

For some, the game is simply too hard, leading one person to create a mod that makes it a lot easier. However, upon seeing this, another modder took it upon himself to create the complete opposite. Two duel mods can be found on NexusMods. Easy Mode for Elden Ring does exactly what it says, reducing the difficulty of the game for “evil gamers” as per its description. By downloading and enabling this mod (which should not be used in online play mode), players take 50% less damage from enemies, deal 25% more damage themselves, and get a massive 10x increase in Rune Drop. With these changes, almost anyone will be able to complete the game.

Seeing this mod and others like it prompted Silentverge02

To make their own sneaky mod for Elden Ring. Prepare to die. According to the mod’s description, after being “tired of seeing all those ‘light mods’ loaded every other day”, the user instead jotted down this code snippet. Installing this mod prevents players from fast travel anywhere except churches and cathedrals, makes enemies smarter, and increases their damage, defense and resistance. Most people really shouldn’t be playing with this mod installed, but if you want to have a particularly harrowing time, okay, it’s there.

Of course, you don’t always need mods to make Elden Ring harder. Other players are already playing the game, setting their own goals, including defeating bosses using banana controllers or simply completing the entire game in less than an hour.

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