Elden Ring Moonveil katana location

The Moonveil magical katana is the must-have Elden Ring weapon for beginners to wield a magical sword. If you’re looking for a physical weapon that won’t require you to spend days gathering runes to increase your power, this intelligence-based blade is a great choice.

The good news is that you can even pick up the Moonveil katana relatively early in your game. You’ll have to defeat a bit of a nasty boss to earn it, so don’t hurt him too low. Here’s how to find this magical sword before you get too far away from Limgrave.

Katana Elden Ring Moonveil location: Gael Tunnel

To find the Moonveil katana, you need to travel to Caelid, a dead and reddish area east of the Limgrave starting area. You are looking for the Gael Tunnel, a small cave with a hole inside. Head south and down the cliff from the Review Balcony Site of Grace to find this mine. Below you will find the Tunnel of Gael. Just be aware that once you’re inside, you’ll need to get to the tunnel exit before you can quickly exit.

Luckily, you can run past most of the enemies in the tunnel, choose the rear Gael’s tunnel entrance, and exit without fighting the boss. Keep going west and open the door west of the boss’ fog wall to escape. You’ll definitely want to grab the back entrance to the Grace Site while you’re here.

The boss you need to fight is the Magma Serpent, which is not very difficult but can be a little painful. This thing is big, covers the ground in lava, and as a kicker dangles in a rather narrow room that doesn’t give you much room to maneuver. Load up on fire protection supplies and stay close to his feet if possible.

Characteristics of Elden Ring Moonveil katana

After you manage to defeat the Magma Serpent, congratulations! The Moonveil katana is yours. Here are the requirements for your new sword:

  • Strength: 12
  • Agility: eighteen
  • Intelligence: 23

It primarily scales intelligence-based damage with a C rating and scales Agility with a D rating. Transient Moonlight’s weapon skill is particularly flashy too. Your character will sheathe the Moonveil and then draw it back out with a magical strike using the light or heavy attack button. Even if you are not fixated on the enemy, you can perform horizontal or vertical strikes with the camera.

If you’re trying to fit Moonveil into your character’s gear, check out our Elden Ring builds build guide for a Prisoner battlemage that uses it.

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