Elden Ring Nepheli quest guide

Looking for Nefeli in Elden Ring? This dual ax-wielding warrior is a useful character to introduce, as she will give you a summon to the first of the Elden Ring main bosses, Godric the Grafted. Although not as difficult as some of the later main bosses, Godric is nevertheless an obstacle in his own right, so a little help can go a long way.

Nefeli also has a later quest if you can find her, and if you complete it, you will come across a potion choice. This quest can be quite confusing, especially if you’ve lost track of how far you’ve come with other things. Here’s how to complete the Elden Ring Nepheli quest, who to give the potion to, and where to find her summoning token for Godric.

Nefeli’s summoning place in Elden Ring

You will most likely meet Nepali for the first time shortly before the boss fight with Godric in Stormvale Castle. However, it is easy to miss, so check the room to the right of the courtyard after the battle with the Stormhawks blades. This is right before you find the Secluded Chamber of Grace.

Talk to her until she offers to help you defeat Godric, after which you can head to the boss room. You can find Nephele’s golden summon sign right in front of the misty door. Once you defeat Godric, travel to the Round Table Keep and find Nefeli, who will reward you with the Arsenal Talisman. Mascot to increase the load on the equipment.

How to complete the quest for Nefeli’s potion

You don’t need to talk to Nefeli before starting this quest, but you must talk to her at least once when she moves to the Round Table hold after you have defeated Godric. By doing this, talk to Seluvis in his tower in the north of Western Liguria. Keep in mind you’ll have to fight your way through Caria Manor to get to it.

Note: If you have gone too far with Quest Ranny in Elden, Ringmaybe Seluvis won’t be able to give you the potion.

Return to round table mode and talk to Nefeli’s father, Gideon Ofir, who is in the library. If he doesn’t give you a chance to ask about Nepali, you may need to talk to her again first. At this point, you should find her either downstairs in the Round Table Keep or in the Albinauric Village. In the Village, she can also help you as a boss summon.

Should I give Seluvis’ potion to Gideon or Nepheli in Elden Ring?

Once you can talk to Gideon and ask him about Nefeli, he will offer you to give him the potion, but tell Seluvis that you gave it to Nefeli.

  • If you give the potion to Gideon and tell Seluvis that you have done as he requested, you will be able to buy the Elden Ring sorcery from Seluvis.
  • If you give the potion to Nefelishe will turn into a doll and leave Round Table Hold soon after.

It is unclear if there are additional rewards from Seluvis if you give the potion to Nefeli. Since he also sells what is essentially the ashes of the Elden Ring spirit, it could be that Nefeli becomes a permanent summonable NPC. You can also give a potion to the Dung Eater, but it has not been confirmed if this potion will turn into a challenge. I will update this guide as soon as I have more details.

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