Elden Ring PC Mod Makes The Brutal Game Even Harder

Ancient ring it’s difficult. Don’t rate anything – a cliff

A boss, a jump – and you’ll most likely be sent back to your last Place of Finesse. Death is inevitable. Maybe even that’s the point. As you die, you learn to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenge of restoring peace to the Netherlands and become Lord of the Ancients. You will die a lot before this happens and quite a few mods have come out to make it easier. However, one ancient ring the modder rebels and made the whole game even harder.

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“I think I’ve seen about 4 or 5 light mode mods,” creator Silentverge02 said. Kotaku through direct messages. “They all basically did the same thing: “50% less damage and health of the enemy”, I think it’s just laziness.

As a noted PC gamer, Silentwerge02 released a hard mod for the ancient ring which changes some aspects of the latest version of FromSoftware “Yes, I’m planning to make (or try) a survival type mode where you’ll need to rely more on item crafting to survive, and maybe just some kind of hunger system,” Silentverge02 told us. “Maybe I’m just dreaming about it, but who knows. If it’s possible, I’ll figure it out!”

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It is hard to imagine an ancient ring be harder than it already is. I get ass left and right from everything under the Interearth sun. And yet, people complete the game without dying as well as killing bosses in the most stylish way. Let me see how they do it all with an active mod.

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