Elden Ring: PC Players are Accidentally Losing a Ton of Progress Due to Steam Cloud Issue

Players on the PC version of Elden Ring are losing significant progress due to an issue with saving to the Steam Cloud

Since yesterday, players share how they ran into an issue where the Steam version of Elden Ring asks players if they want to load their cloud save or load their local save. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that cloud saves are often hopelessly out of date, and players who don’t check their data could accidentally load a save state made hours or even days earlier, losing their current progress.

Bandai Namco acknowledged the issue in a tweet,

Stating that it is “aware” that certain games are not saving properly on the Steam cloud. For now, the company encourages players to read this notice carefully and make sure they select the most recent save state to sync. The date and time for cloud and local files are listed in the Steam notice and players must select the most recent one.

Keep in mind that it’s not always immediately clear which save state is the most recent, so be sure to check the date and time carefully before loading a cloud save or loading a local save.

You may also wish to backup your local save data elsewhere, as overwriting your current save may be permanent. Online players have claimed to have lost up to 10 hours of progress, which includes multiple bosses’ clears, levels, and gear. In a game like Elden Ring, where each boss is a monumental challenge and the world is so big that reacquiring items can be a huge problem, 10 hours of progress is a lot. IGN has a handy Elden Ring guide that can help you recover your lost progress, but we don’t want anyone to lose their saves, so please read the notice carefully if you get a save sync request on Steam.

Matt TM Kim is the news editor for IGN. You can contact him @lawoftd.

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