Elden Ring Player Tricks Invader By Pretending To Be Enemy NPC

Sometimes the best way to win a fight is to be the biggest, most brutal guy in the room. However, there are other times when you should hang your head and do nothing. In one ancient ring, the player did just that by pretending to be an NPC when another player invaded their game. And in the end, their crazy strategy paid off.

Like previous FromSoftware RPGs, the newly released open-world ancient ring allows players to invade other players’ game worlds. Once you have plagued someone else’s game, you can hunt them down and kill them. Simple enough, but things get more complicated if someone decides to dress up as an enemy and then pretend to be that NPC.

This is exactly what Reddit user xdc_lis did in the video. They uploaded to the ancient ring weekend subreddit.

After putting on the armor of their NPC target for the first time, they headed to a particular place where the enemy they were cosplaying was roaming. xdc_lis carefully killed the enemy to hide the body in a nearby bush. Finally, they opened up their game to intrusions from other players. Thus the trap was set.

Once someone invades, xdc_lis does a great job as an NPC, even when the invader gets very close to them. As the invader runs around frantically looking for xdc_lis, it just keeps marching back and forth over and over again. Eventually, the other player gives up and leaves.

For cheating the player, xdc_lis gets a good amount of wounds because. Ancient ring considers the departure of someone a victory. But in this case, I tend to agree. Unless there is some explicit rule against cheating and trolling other players who invade you, I don’t think xdc_lis did anything wrong. Anyway, based on my knowledge of FromSoftware RPGs, it looks like the developers will encourage people to do so.

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