Elden Ring players are celebrating its sublime hitboxes with gifs

So one of my favorite things is hitbox porn. The newly released RPG Elden Ring is a goldmine filled with perfect dodges right before attacks, crouching that results in missed hits, and jumps that transport you through the swing of a giant halberd. Naturally, this article is rife with visual spoilers and Elden Ring character spoilers. Part of what makes good hitboxes so enjoyable is that hitboxes are often terrible. Is the sword coming towards you? You hit. It doesn’t matter if the model hasn’t even touched you. Either way, when Elden Ring goes public this week, it’s a celebration of delight if, like me, you want to watch people not get hit on things.

Let’s start with a prime example from Reddit, where restoring a crouch from a jump attack with – to be honest, I think it’s anchoring a whole ship – puts the character under attack from this boss.

those_exact_hitboxes_is_something from r/Eldenring

Check it out, well-timed weapon art forces the player to crouch and swing…only to one side of the enemy’s punch.

The two-handed stamp is for tanking hits… but sometimes it just puts you under their guard instead.

hitbox_orgasm from r/Eldenring

Would you rather see some magic? Take a look at this ghostly sword that was barely dodged.

the_hitbox_just_saved_my_ass_again from r/Eldenring

Here one Torrent’s magical horse is summoned under the player just in time to avoid being hit by the sword.

This is, however, my favorite. A post made in response to someone’s misunderstanding of the game mechanics… easy use of weapons to evade an attack.

to_the_guy_saying_bad_hitboxes from r/Eldenring

This doesn’t mean that all hitboxes in the game are perfect – some of them seem really wobbly. There are also those enemy tracking attacks that are just… well, it’s like heat-seeking axes or something.

But for the most part, they are crisp and perfect.

To learn more about Elden Ring, visit our game page. You can also read the full Elden Ring review here, where our Tyler Kolp said, “Elden Ring is junk food for FromSoftware fans. It’s bigger than what I already love but family-sized. It has everything that makes these games so intoxicating and puts their intricate fiction into my brain.” Exciting!

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