Elden Ring players are making anime characters from shows like One Piece, Berserk

Ancient ring and popular shounen anime have something in common:

In both, we see characters confronting seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And in both cases, if the hero is smart enough and has a couple of tricks up his sleeve, he can defeat the most formidable boss. (And in both cases, it doesn’t hurt to wield a huge sword either.) These parallels are not lost ancient ring fans. We are now seeing trends on TikTok where fans create characters that look like the stars of their favorite shows, such as Demon Slayer as well as One piece. They show off their favorite weapon, which reminds them of the powers their favorite anime characters wield.

Until now, fans have created characters such as swordsman Roronoa Zoro from One piece.

This TikTok video by Drtopazz shows a character inspired by Zoro holding two weapons (also known as a power stance) while defeating a boss. (Unfortunately, the Drtopazz character can’t make Zoro’s signature. three sword-style techniques where he puts the blade in his mouth, but it’s close enough.)

In the next video, the player jokes that he spent a lot of time developing the character when he ended up just dressing him up as wild Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer. Many fans also educated Bleach, which features warriors using powers from alternate worlds. This video mentions the flash step, which is a common technique used in combat in the series.

BUT TikTok by Minstora reveals a weapon that looks like a replica of Uryu Ishida’s power

Which allows him to channel energy through a bow and arrow. It has been viewed over 2.9 million times and the creator has an entire series called “ancient ring-like anime” on their TikTok.This video shows the attack it’s like a size slash from black clover. It has been viewed over 3.4 million times. And this video inspired Fairy tale shows the Dragon Flame spell in action. A little video note it’s a simple-to-play ancient ring that looks like anime. In the end, I think ancient ringlike the anime and video games that came before it speaks to the timeless truism that – again – it’s a lot of fun to swing a big sword.

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