Elden Ring Players Beats Boss With Ring Fit Controller

Now that Elden Ring is available, fans of From Software’s signature immersive action game are competing to see who can get through certain boss battles faster or play the game with the most unexpected controller. The modder and content creator of Super Louis 64 can already claim to have one of the most daring systems for playing an action RPG as he modified the Joy-con Nintendo Switch and Ring-Con Ring Fit Adventure to work in-game for fighting both. Monsters and calories.

Super Louie 64 had to actually run around his house to get his character to move by squeezing the Ring-Con and using the motion controls to let his Elden Ring character attack. In terms of healing, Super Louis 64 had to do a crouch to restore some health points.

While the setup did work, the real test came when he faced the boss and had to use his athletic skills to survive the encounter. To his credit, he defeated the Bloodhound Knight Darryvil on his first try, although his actual stamina suffered greatly in the process.

This isn’t the first time Super Louis 64 has used a Ring Fit controller in a From Software game, as he previously used the powerful device in Dark Souls 3 using a similar setup. He also used the Dance Dance Revolution dance floor, fishing rod, DJ Hero, and many other controllers to beat Dark Souls 3, and his YouTube channel has clips of him winning one of the games. Hardest bosses with bongos from GameCube Donkey Konga.

If you’re struggling with Elden Ring using just a normal controller, but you’re still sweating because this game is capable of boosting your heart rate, you can check out our guides for some helpful help.

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