Elden Ring PS5 save bug patched, PC performance also targeted

The new patch fixes an Elden Ring save issue on PlayStation 5 that could cause players to lose progress if the console is powered off while playing or in rest mode. Developer FromSoftware confirmed on Twitter that patch 1.02.2 for PC and PS5 is now available and allows “make changes to save game progress even if the game is not completed” on PS5.

Before the fix, PS5 players were notified to save [their games] manually by regularly exiting the game”,” a process that included not only exiting the game but also closing the app from the PS5 home screen.

On the PC side, bugs that caused the graphics card not to be used, which could cause crashes during the battle with the Fire Giant, and more, have been fixed.

The PC version of Elden Ring was criticized for its poor performance, which led to acclaim from publisher Bandai Namco. Reviews from Steam users were unsatisfactory, with gaming technology experts Digital Foundry stating that the PC game’s performance “just not good enough.”

“We will continuously work to improve the game so that it can be played comfortably on various PCs and platforms,” ​​Bandai Namco said in a statement. Ancient ring launch day last week.

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