Elden Ring PvP matches show off strongest builds

Ancient ring the vast world can seem endless—and endlessly frightening.

The map is full of countless types of enemies, numerous dungeons, and many more, many Messages. Luckily, there are tools to make the game easier: you can summon or use the co-op tools to summon other players to help you kill formidable enemies. But there are those of you, the intrepid explorers who crave extra chaos and prefer to invade others for PvP play.

Thankfully, many of you have also streamed these intrusions or shared them on YouTube or Reddit for our enjoyment. These PvP matches showcase some of the most inventive games people have come up with – this includes everything from incredibly powerful player builds and cool weapons to witty costume tricks. We’re still only scratching the surface of everything ancient ring contains. Let these matches inspire you, and maybe instill fear in your heart.

Most of the invasions I’ve seen are interesting regardless of the matchup. Some of them are especially interesting to watch because they showcase an extremely powerful build. Then there’s this Glintstone Crown witchcraft build, which by the way makes the player look like Megamind, which allows that player to kill an opponent in one hit.

The other matches are interesting due to a surprise match where both players are very good at what they do.

And many of them provide insight into a range of weapons or playstyles that you might not have tried if your character classes were completely different.

There is also this build that makes the player look like a Sith Lord.

And then there are the ones that are just plain fun, like two players of larger build who are more or less constantly hitting each other with shields.

Or, here’s my personal favorite, in which the player dressed up as an NPC to trick the invader into returning to their world.

And then there’s the transformation into a statue before throwing someone off a ledge.

Go Tarnished and enjoy your invasions. Sincerelycertainly.

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