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The Elden Ring quests in Lands

Between are not required to complete the game, but you may miss out on valuable items, equipment, or another Elden Ring ending if you choose to ignore them. With so many things to explore, it’s easy to miss NPCseven before you leave Limgrave. The quests themselves vary in duration and difficulty. Some of them are easy and only take a couple of steps to complete, while others involve boss fights and can take you straight to the final areas. There are spoilers below, so proceed with caution. Here is a list of all the Elden Ring quests we found, their rewards, and how to start them.


Quests Elden Ring Limgrave


  • Start: Waypoint Ruins, Limgrave
  • Requirements: Defeat Rennala, get to Mount Gelmir.
  • Awards: Chris’ Shiny Dagger, Eccentric Armor Set, Shard Spiral Sorcery, Witch’s Glitterstone Crown, Selenium Bell (depending on choice)

Selenium is first encountered in the basement of the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave. However, her quest won’t start properly until you defeat Lucaria’s Paradise Academy boss, Rennalu, and reach Mount Gelmir to get a certain item.

This quest is not as long as some of the others, although you do need to defeat Radan in order to continue the quest past a certain point.


  • Start: Mistwood Ruins, Limgrave
  • Requirements: Talk to the merchant in Elleh Church to get the click gesture.
  • Awards: Bloodhound’s Fang Curved Greatsword, Grim Smithing Stone (2), Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman (Unlock)

Bladed’s quest is very short and requires you to kill one boss. After you’ve visited the Misty Forest Ruins and heard the howl there, speak to the merchant in Elleh Church to receive the gesture. By using this gesture in the ruins, Bladed will descend to ground level to speak to you. The talisman listed above is not awarded upon completion of this quest, but is unlocked when you speak to the blacksmith in Liurnia of the Lake.


  • Start: Stormvale Castle, Limgrave
  • Requirements: Talk to Nefeli before fighting Godric.
  • Awards: Arsenal Sharm

This is another fairly short quest chain, though you need to defeat Godric the grafted to complete it. Nepheli can be found in the room just in front of the Secluded Cell of Grace in Stormvale Castle. If you don’t talk to her, her summon sign will not be in front of the boss door.

weeping peninsula

Quests Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula


  • Start: Bridge of Sacrifice, Weeping Peninsula
  • Requirements: None
  • Awards: Grafted Greatsword (Dropped from Morne Castle Boss)

You can start Irina’s quest whenever you want. You need to cross the Bridge of Sacrifice in the south of Limgrave to get to it. The bridge is heavily guarded, so it’s best to just drive past all the enemies on the Torrent.

This is a fairly short quest that requires you to kill the boss in Morne Castle. He can be quite tough at lower levels.

Round table

Quests Elden Ring Roundtable Hold


  • Start: Round table
  • Requirements: Reach the Atlus Plateau or defeat Radan (not confirmed)
  • Awards: Dual Armor, Undivided Greatsword, Death Prince’s Healing Rune

You can find Fia in the Round Table Hold once you gain access to this area. However, her quest won’t start properly until she asks for a favor and gives you the Worn Dagger. It appears to be caused by either arriving at the Atlus Plateau or killing Radan.

There are quite a few steps in this quest, as well as several bosses that need to be killed. It will lead you straight to one of the areas of the final game.


Quests Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lakes


  • Start: Rocks overlooking the lake, Liurnia lakes
  • Requirements: Start Irina’s quest in the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Awards: Seal of Raging Flame

Hietta’s quest isn’t particularly difficult, but you’ll need to collect items to give her, one of which requires you to kill a couple of invading NPCs. This quest line will take you to one of the last areas of the game.


  • Start: Church of Irita, Liurnia Ozer
  • Requirements: None
  • Awards: Glitterstone Staff of the Academy, Tops’ Belfry, Tops’ Barrier Ashes of War

You’ll find Tops in the first church you encounter after you enter Liurnia in the Lake District. He will sell you the magic, but talking to him will reveal his interest in the Glintstone key. In order to find the second key to give it, you need to defeat the Red Wolf Radagon in Lukaria’s Paradise Academy.


  • Start: Rose Church, Liurnia lakes
  • Requirements: Defeat Godric to unlock Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold.
  • Awards: Bloody Finger, Pureblood Knight’s Medal

You meet Varre at the very beginning of the game, at the first Place of Grace that you visit when leaving the Lost Graveyard. However, his quest won’t start properly until you meet him in Liurnia of the Lakes.

You won’t need to defeat any additional bosses to complete this quest, although you will have to invade other players three times to complete one of the steps.


  • Start: The rise of Ranni, Liurnia Ozernaya
  • Requirements: Karia Manor, including Royal Knight Loretta
  • Awards: Greatsword of the Dark Moon

You can find Ranni in one of the towers in the northwest corner of Liurnia. You can only access this area after you have fought your way through Kariya Manor and defeated the Loretta Royal Knight boss.

This is one of the longest Elden Ring quests and you will need to kill at least two bosses to complete it.


Quests Elden Ring Caelid


  • Start: Gauri’s hut, Calydus
  • Requirements: None
  • Awards: Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Solid Gold Needle

Millicent is first encountered in the Church of the Plague in Calida, though you’ll need to talk to Gauri in his hut first. There are no real requirements to start this quest other than getting to the area and staying alive, which can be quite difficult at lower levels.

You will need to defeat several bosses during the quest and you will be taken directly to one of the areas of the final game. The item you receive for this quest gives you the ability to remove Raging Flames.

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