Elden Ring Ranni quest guide

Wondering how to complete the Elden Ring Ranni quest? This is one of the coolest storylines in the entire game – a personal story that centers around a cast of characters and their motivations and allows you to explore some beautiful underground locations and get some great weapons to boot. You will first encounter Ranny when she gives you the Elden Ring Spirit Summoning Bell, although during this encounter she will refer to herself as Renna and she is a rather mysterious NPC. She claims that you will never see her again, but if you go to Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia you can start looking for her and helping her. In this Elden Ring Ranni quest guide, we will walk you through each step. As with every FromSoftware NPC quest, there can be multiple approaches to this, but this is what worked for us.

This walkthrough contains a lot of plot spoilers related to secret locations and Rannie, so avoid it if you want to experience it for yourself.

Brief description of Elden Ring Ranni quest

The following is a summary of the key steps of Ranny’s quest, but we’ll explain in more detail below:

  • Meet Ranni at Ranni’s Rise in Kariya Manor.
  • Meet Blade at the Siofra River.
  • Talk to Seluvis to get his letter of recommendation for Selen.
  • Talk to Selen to learn about Radan.
  • Talk to Bladed about Radan.
  • Travel to Redmayne Castle.
  • Defeat Radan to free the stars
  • Travel to East Limgrave and descend into the star crater.
  • Head to the center of Nokron to get the Fingerslayer Blade.
  • Go back and give the blade to Ranny.
  • Travel to Renna’s Rise and go through the portal.
  • Collect the miniature Ranny doll and talk to her until she speaks.
  • Defeat the Shadow of Bladed near Rotten Lake to get the key.
  • Head to the Great Library of Paradise Lucaria to open the chest and get the ring.
  • Pass through the Rotten Lake and go down the ledges to climb inside the coffin.
  • Defeat Astel, Netherborn.
  • Go to the Cathedral of Manus Celes and go down through the hole.
  • Put the ring on Ranny’s finger.
  • Obtain the Greatsword of Darkmoon

How to start Rannie’s quest

First, head to Karia Manor in the northern part of Western Liurnia. On the way up the road, be sure to talk to the giant blacksmith Iji, as he will become relevant later. Make your way inside the estate and make your way through it, beware of those horrible pet monsters. After the Troll Knight on the stairs, you will reach a large room with a pool surrounded by chairs – the Elden Ring boss setting, if we’ve ever seen one.

This is where you’ll fight Loretta, and she’s a tricky boss, with an arsenal of sorcery and a sickle that has a nasty reach from her horse’s back. Take the time to defeat her yourself or use Elden Ring Spirit Ashes before heading to the garden. There are three towers here: Rennes Rise, Ranny Rise, and Seluvis Rise. Go to the middle tower of Ranni’s Rise.

Climb up and talk to Ranny to start your search for the Lost City of Nokron. After that, head back downstairs to chat with the other members of your fun little group. Bladed, the Wolfman from Elden Ring, will tell you that he is heading to the Siofra River to find Nocron and meet him there.

How to find Nocron in Elden Ring

Make your way to the Siofra River through the Siofra River Well in the East Limgrave Mistwoods. You will find Bladed further down the dungeon. Talk to him and he will explain that he sees Nocron upstairs, but cannot find a way to get there. Follow these steps:

  • Head to Iji on the way to the estate to talk about Knockron, Bladed, and Ren.
  • Travel to Seluvis Rise to get a potion for Nephele and then ask about Nokron. Seluvis will give you a letter of recommendation to Selene the sorcerer.
  • Head to the waypoint ruins in East Limgrave, south along the road from the northern side of grace at Aghil Lake.
  • Defeat the Crazed Pumpkinhead in the basement to unlock Selene and give her the letter. She will tell you to kill Radan.
  • Return to Bladed to tell him what she said about Radan and he will mention the fight festival at Redmayne Castle and ask you to meet him there.

Starscourge Radan’s Tips

Defeat Starscourge Radan

Now the hardest part. Travel to the fort at the southeasternmost point of Caelid: Red-Mane Castle. Run past the defenses with Torrent, your Elden Ring mount, and jump right past the troll at the gate to sneak inside. The good news is that by completing this quest, you actually missed out on a rather dreadful boss. In the next room, where this boss was supposed to be, are the participants of the festival, including Bladed and Alexander, the Iron Hand.

Climb up and talk to the announcer, then use the elevator and portal to get to the boss. Starscourge Radan is a terrible boss, but here are a few tips:

  • Don’t call, as this fight is much easier on horseback.
  • Summon NPCs throughout the fight using signs that will reappear when they die.
  • Let the NPCs engage Radan in melee while you dodge his ranged attacks from a distance. This will prevent him from using his nearly inescapable arrow rain attack.
  • The best option is to knock Radan from a distance using sorcery or poison.
  • For those using melee, wait for his combos to run out, then run with Torrent to attack his rear and horse. To maximize the power of your attacks, I definitely recommend using some talismans such as Spear Talisman, Ax Talisman, or Blue Dancer’s Amulet.
  • Watch out for his second phase when he returns as a blazing meteor. He will summon four asteroids around him, and when he runs away from you, he will shoot them. Stay near the crest of the ridge and you can use the hill to block them.

Exploring Nokron and Noxtella

Head to the southern part of East Limgrave and you’ll see a pile of floating debris and a crater. Pass through the crater to enter Nokron, the Eternal City. Make your way through the area, past the Mimic Tear boss, and into the forest with the Ancestral Warriors. Find this Place of Grace: it allows you to access the Sacred Land of Night by jumping across rooftops. In the center of this area, under the giant finger reader sitting on the throne, you will find the Finger Slayer Blade in a chest.

Return the blade to Renna in Renna’s Highlands and she will give you the upside-down statue of Kariya, which unlocks Karian Research. If you want to know where Bladed went, talk to Idgie.

It may not unlock right away but now head to Renna’s Rise and through the portal to the Ainsel River. Nearby you will find a Miniature Ranny. Take her to mercy and talk to her until she answers. Little Ranny will tell you to go to Noxtella to kill some shadows. If you talk to her along the way, she will explain her story.

Make your way under the shooting stone beetle and through the Noxtella until you take the elevator down to the garden with the monks of Knox riding ants. Head right to find another elevator that leads down to Noxtella Falls. Run past the basilisks to find that Bladed has invaded you. Kill him and Ranni will thank you and give you the discarded key to the palace. Head to the Great Library of Lucaria’s Paradise where you fought Rennala and open the chest to find the Ring of the Dark Moon.

Lake of Rot and Astel, Netherborn

From where you fought Bladed, head down to the Lake of Rot. You can step on the switches to make the platforms appear, but I recommend heading straight for the giant doorway on the right side if you have enough canteens to stay alive. There is grace right outside the doorway. Using the nearby ledges, drop down to where the Pests have gathered below. Don’t head to the room at the end, go straight to the stone coffin by the waterfall. Get up.

This will trigger a cutscene and you will end up behind a foggy door. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void looks like someone straight out of Bloodborne, a cosmic nightmarish scorpion that has plenty of AoE attacks. It’s best to hit him in the face with jump attacks when you can hit him without forgetting about his AoE and his pincer grabs. Once he’s dead, go ahead and take the elevator up.

Moonlight Altar

You are finally here! End of the road. Go up from the elevator to the big cathedral which you can see. A dragon boss will appear that you can fight, but if you don’t want to do that, just run inside. In the center of the Cathedral of Manus Celes, there is a hole in the floor through which one can descend. Inside you will find Ranni and some dead fingers. Place the Ring of the Dark Moon on her finger. She will thank you for being her champion, and after she disappears, the Greatsword of the New Moon will appear in front of you. And here’s how to complete Ranny’s quest in Elden Ring.

So what happened to Bladed?

If you’re wondering where Bladed went, head back to Ranni’s Rise to find the wolfman. After that, it’s also worth talking to Iji to find out about the quest’s epilogue.


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