Elden Ring Rogier Quest Guide

Rohr’s quest in Elden Ring is a long and intricate one that delves into Elden Ring lore. It has multiple paths to completion, but it’s also easy to accidentally block yourself from completing it if you take certain actions too soon. However, this is one of the quests that may not be the best option to complete. Shortening Rogier’s quest – and the wizard himself – will reward you with several unique items.

How to start the Rogier quest in Elden Ring

Rogier’s quest begins when you first meet him in the chapel of Stormvale Castle. Speak with him to learn about his mission and the plight of the Tarnished Without Grace’s guidance, and then continue clearing the dungeon. After you defeat Godric the Grafted, Rogier appears in the Fortress of the Round Table, on the balcony overlooking the hall where you fight Alberich.

If you want to know the history of the destruction of the Old Ring, don’t talk to witch Ranny before you talk to Rohyr again, otherwise, he will die before completing the quest. However, we have not yet found any benefit in keeping Rogier alive other than knowledge. If you spoke to Ranny before you delivered the Glyph to Rogier and he died, you can search his body in the hold to get a full set of Rogier’s armor, a unique bell bearing for the twins, and a letter that tells you where to find Brother D. for Fii’s quest. After talking to him, if he’s alive, Rogier gives you Rogier’s Rapier +8, a magical sword with embedded Carian Phalanx War Ashes. Exhaust his dialogue options and quickly return to the Grace Lift board in Stormvale Castle.

Where to Find the Bloodstain of Rogier (Prince of Death of Stormveil)

The next phase of the quest includes a difficult battle with the Corrupted Tree Spirit. The quest doesn’t have a timer, so you can delay the battle until you level up and get other equipment. Again, just don’t talk to Ranny yet if you want to finish this quest.

It’s a long way down, but you’ll be (mostly) safe.

Turn right after exiting the elevator room and turn right again. You will see a ledge with a corpse sitting on it. Approach the ledge and jump down to the ledge below. Falling lowers your HP but does not kill you. Carefully jump down to the beam protruding below you, turn right and jump onto the scaffolding. Get down to the ground and deal with the rats before moving forward. Make sure that defeat the tear scarab and also since it drops Rancorcall’s powerful sorcery.

The narrow confines of the crypt eventually open up into a wide area where the Tree Spirit appears. Defeat him, then enter the room behind him and touch the bloodstain in front of the Prince of Death – a giant dead face – to see a vision of Rogier. Return to the hold and talk to Rohyr again. You can technically see the bloodstain during the fight or even before Rohyr’s quest starts, but you have to view it again after defeating the Tree Spirit in order to progress through the quest.

Where to find the Black Glyph Knife in Elden Ring

Find Fuyu, the death-embracing woman, and ask her to hug you (don’t forget to use Baldachin’s Blessing as soon as you can to remove the health debuff). Talk to her until you clear all dialogue options to learn about the knife that killed Godwin the Golden. Some players have reported that these options only become available after obtaining the second Great Rune. If Fia doesn’t tell you about the knife, defeat Rennala first before trying again.

The road is long and full of dangers, so don't stop to see the sights.
The road is long and full of dangers, so don’t stop to see the sights.

You are looking for the Black Knife Catacombs in eastern Liurnia. Take a torch or lantern with you to prevent the animated skeletons from coming back to life. Head north from the Church of the Promises, past Little Erdtree, until the road ends at the base of the cliff. The Ghost Warrior is blocking your path, but you can just run into the Catacombs and rest on the Place of Grace to confuse him. Bring the glyph to Rohyr and speak with him to learn more about the truth behind the Sundering. You may need to travel to the hold again to unlock these dialogue options.

In the end, Rogier asks you to find Ranny and fawn over her.

This includes defeating the boss of Carian Manor, Loretta, which opens the way to the Three Sisters, where Ranny lives. Ranny tells you to leave as soon as you talk to her. Get back to the hold again and talk to Rogier again. He sends you back to Ranny, who then agrees to accept you as her vassal.

This is where Ranny’s quest chain begins, and Rogier will fall into a deep and seemingly eternal sleep.

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