Elden Ring Rune Farm: Get 80K Runes For Killing A Defenseless Dragon, You Monsters

Elden Ring rune farming is the key to leveling your character from lowly Tarnished to boss-slaying champion, and there are several suitable places to farm runes even once you get to the Lands in between. We’ve already covered some great early rune growing spots in Elden Ring, but perhaps the best one is so good that we’re worried it might be fixed soon. With that in mind, grab your best sword, staff, or ax and head to Faroth Fort to slay a very generous dragon. Here’s how to get 80,000 runes with one morally dubious trick.

Rune Farm Elden Ring – Dragon Fort Faroth

Generally, in From Software games, everyone wants you dead. Sure, some human NPCs can be friendly (or at least they appear to be), but if they look like beasts, they’re probably ready to kill you. However, this does not apply to Fort Faroth’s dragon. This apparent mother dragon is surrounded by her cubs and, oddly enough, doesn’t fight back when you’re about to kill her.

If this dragon were a boxer, we’d say she dives.

This will net you 80,000 Runes, although she won’t respawn like most other enemies after you rest in place of Grace. However, the 80,000 Rune reward is huge at any point, especially early in the game. This is good for multiple character levels. What’s more, if you choose not to harm the mother dragon and instead focus on the offspring, each of them will net you 3500 runes as well as they respawn after resting on the Place of Finesse. However, they will stop spawning if you kill their mother.

This setting gives you two options:

  1. Kill the Mother Dragon once for 80,000 Runs.
  2. Farm babies repeatedly for 3500 runes per dragon.

In fact, the third option would be to walk away and leave these creatures alone – they didn’t do anything to you! – but if you’ve come this far, I assume you’re hell-bent on killing the group somehow. . In truth, assuming this simple rune farm is bug-free, it could very well prove that killing this dragon changes or even prematurely ends a questline that players have yet to discover. Thus, slay dragons at your own risk – and for potentially more serious consequences than just appearing ethically bankrupt.

How to get to Farot Fort

So you’ve decided to kill the mother dragon. Okay, then in order to do that, you first need to get to Calydus, which is located east of Limgrave, the starting area of ​​the game. You can find Fort Farot by exiting Summonwater Village and walking through the following areas:

  • Northeast towards the smoldering church
  • East to Southeast to Caelum Ruins
  • South to Caelida Waypoint Ruins
  • East to the Gates of Sellia
  • Northeast towards Fort Farot

This path mostly follows the engineered road, so it’s easy enough to stay on target even though the enemies might not be as helpful. If you don’t want to travel this distance, you can also use the teleport, which is located a little northeast of the Third Church of Marika. On the map below, blue markers mark your walking path through Caelidwhile red markers indicate where the teleport starts (left) and transports you (right), followed by a shorter, safer path south to the location of the dragons outside of Fort Faroth (purple).

You will have several options when deciding how to get to Farot Fort.

You will have several options when deciding how to get to Farot Fort.

No matter how you get there, The Grace site is right outside the fort, which makes the reset nice and easy if you choose to spare the mother and constantly target the offspring instead.

In the end, you will kill the dragon and get 80,000 runes. Her sheer disinterest in self-defense means that getting there is the only difficult part, though also note that if you choose to target the lesser dragons, it will be an uphill battle for a low-level player.

There are a lot of things to consider when embarking on this dragon-slaying quest. Will you spare the dragon in case it permanently changes the quest chain later? Are you only targeting small dragons – assuming you can reliably defeat them on replay? Are you in a hurry to get your 80,000 runes before this possibly buggy encounter is permanently removed from the game? While very few players may be affected by the moral consequences, they are likely to have more tangible, but as yet invisible, consequences. The choice is yours, rune farmer!

For more rune farming options – without breaking families – check out our Elden Ring rune farming guide.

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