Elden Ring rune farming locations

Elden Ring has a brutal difficulty curve, especially if you rush headlong into its main Legacy dungeons. Enemies and bosses out there can overwhelm you in one hit or drain your resources so quickly that it can be hard for you to make progress if you’re not prepared. And one of the easiest ways to prepare is to invest in your stats, which will require you to get lots and lots of runes from downed enemies.

For most of the early game – which, remember, is going to be quite a lot of time in this massive open-world – you’ll lack opportunities to level up. You’ll get through your first few levels fairly quickly, but every time you do, the cost of runes goes up, and pretty soon, the controlled enemies you’re feasting on won’t be enough.

Thankfully, you don’t have to play by the rules as you slowly collect runes, explore the world, and fight your way through dungeons. There are places in the Outlands where you can collect a mountain of runes, often at little risk, using certain abilities, enemy patterns, or terrain.


Limgrave is the first area you explore, and once you get the Torrent, you can drive through it fairly quickly while avoiding most of the enemies unless you want to defeat them. If you have a horse, you can check out this farming place shown PowerPyx on youtube. The method only starts in Limgrave but will actually take you to a much higher level area.

They claim that this will net you around 300,000 runes per hour, which is enough for many, many early game levels, even if you only do it for 10 or 20 minutes. The catch is that this method will send you out of Lingrave and into a much higher level area with enemies that will kill you very quickly. Magic will have an easier time, although they are still absolutely viable for melee characters.

First, you need to head to the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave – it is located to the east of the first few places of grace. From there, you need to go northeast until you find a portal sitting in the water. It’s actually related to a side quest you’ll get for the character later, but it doesn’t require you to meet him first. Location of the Third Church of Marika and the hidden portal. (Image credit: FromSoftware)

The portal will take you to Greyall’s Dragon Mound, a high-level area in northern Calydus that has one of the game’s strongest characters that you’ll see right behind you when you arrive, along with a place of grace. Watch out for the big creature on the stairs in front of you as you leave, as you won’t want to mess with it.

Outside, you will find some small, relatively weak enemies, and behind them is a bridge with another fertile spot next to it. Seize the place of grace if you like, but don’t cross the bridge. Instead, go back to small enemies because those are the ones you will be farming.

These little guys fall fast, and while a magic build will be useful here, melee characters can still stagger them or use stealth. The video claims you will get 637 runes per kill, which is quite a lot, but in testing, I found that I actually get significantly more: 1094 runes per kill. The nearby site of grace will allow you to keep resurrecting them. Just don’t give them a chance to retaliate, as they can kill low-level characters in one hit.

Since you’re already in Dragon Mound anyway, you might as well visit another crappy farming spot nearby. It’s courtesy of TagBackTV on YouTube, and you don’t have to engage in any fights to fill your treasury with runes.

You will need to get to the place of grace on the Lenn Rise, southeast of the one you should have activated next to the bridge earlier. You still don’t want to cross this bridge, so instead, go back a bit and take a route that takes you to the smaller bridge to the east. Be sure to do this during the day as the boss spawns on the bridge at night. There are a few enemies to avoid and a few poison traps, but the Place of Grace is right at the end of the bridge, so it doesn’t matter if you take a ton of damage.

Activate the Site of Grace and heal, then take the path that will take you under the bridge you avoided. Near the top of the path is a trap – a magical boulder that will only appear when you are in front of it. Get out of the way of the boulder, and it will continue on its trajectory, crushing something below and earning you some not too shabby 1952 runes. Then teleport back to the Place of Grace and do it all over again.

You can also get another big paycheck by fighting the boss on the small bridge. You want to wait until you have Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace. Start there, then drive to the boss at the other end of the bridge. However, don’t fight it. Instead, have him chase you through all the poison traps. If you get him to follow you, the poison will eventually kill him, giving you an impressive loot: 42,000 runes. It’s just a one-time thing, but a nice one nonetheless.


After you conquer Stormvale Castle, the first Legacy dungeon, you will probably have quite a few runes. But can you ever have enough? Luckily, there is a farm right down the road. Location of the Northern Precinct of Grace on the Liurnia Highway. (Image credit: Tyler S./FromSoftware)

You can find a place near the northern highway of Lyurnia (behind Stormvale Castle), a place of grace, and you don’t have to do much here, as you can get runes while in the AFK state.

Right next to the checkpoint is a group of soldiers fighting spirit attackers and one giant (who you need to run over with your horse to summon). The giant will overwhelm most soldiers fairly quickly and will give you around 43 runes per kill. It’s not much, but if you want to mindlessly do it while watching Netflix, it can be useful. If you are in the area, you might as wellLucaria’s Paradise Academy is the next Legacy dungeon you’ll come across, and if you have the power and inclination to help your tarnished comrades, you can get a very good catch by farming its boss. Our producer Nat used this method with the help of PCG author Samantha Greer and her massive sword.

As Nat explains, “The Academy’s big villain, Rentals, is ridiculously easy to knock down,” meaning strong characters can toss her around like a rag doll. If this is your build, you should be at ease with it so you can use your skills to help other players and keep clearing runes.

Spoilers for Elden Ring, but I helped @its_natclayton with the boss and uh… ruined them like hell, do pic.twitter.com/ZbdO3RCfTxFebruary 27, 2022

To learn more

“After our victory, Samantha spent the rest of the night planting summon signs for other players, claiming a healthy 10,000 souls per playthrough. be upside down like pancake batter.”


If you’ve tried the PowerPyx farming method, you’ve already visited Caelid while traveling through the portal. And you might want to stay, as this area has a very convenient farming spot, which, like the northern grace spot of the Liurnia highway, allows you to get runes just by sitting and relaxing, and in much larger quantities. First, you need to get to the Impassable Great Bridge in the far south. The best route is not from the Site of Grace that you unlocked earlier in Caelida, as it is far away and covered in enemies that will quickly finish you off. Instead, head east from Limgrave and then south on the road through Calydus. You might as well pick up the Caelid map and unlock Sites of Grace along the way.

Near the Impenetrable Great Bridge, Grace Site, a battle is taking place between soldiers and giant demon dogs. They will start fighting as soon as you approach them, and then you can just sit back and relax. I recommend sitting on the rocks next to the damaged wall, as you will have a good view and be out of danger. The soldiers will give you less than 200 runes each, but there are a lot of them, and the dogs will give you 313. The soldiers always win the fight, but you can extend it by pulling a few more dogs to you, which are hanging right on the spot, north of the battlefield. You should get away with 2000-3000 runes per run, and with the Lot of Grace right next to it, you can replay the battle almost immediately.

Just watch out for the soldiers on the tower next to you, as they will shoot you with their crossbows. There is loot at the top of the tower, but you can ignore them if you want, as they won’t be able to hit you if you get past the big fire that you will be if you sit on a rock…

With the exception of the farming spots in Liurnia, all of these can be tried once you have a Torrent that will carry you through quickly, giving you an incredible supply of runes right from the start. This should make getting through Stormvale and defeating its lords much easier.

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