Elden Ring Save Scum: When To Save So You Can Unlock All Endings

If you want to experience all the Elden Ring endings or get all the achievements without replaying the game, there is a great point at the very end of the game where you can customize your save. This location is at the very end of the game and you need to make sure you complete most of the steps to see all the endings before doing so. Here’s what you need to do. Note: Elden Ring spoilers ahead.

Advance each end as far as possible

One of the important things to do is to make sure you get as far into each end as you can without reaching any of the endings or locking yourself into any of them. Most of the endings you can complete without problems at every step, except for the end of the game, but The ending of Lord of the Frenzied Flame has a soft point of no return so you need to make sure you don’t get too far. You can read our guide to all Elden Ring endings for details, but below I’m going to list the last step you need to take for each end before you end the game. Privacy Policy

Elden Lord, Age of Sundering

  • This is the default ending of the game, so no further action is required to view it.

Elden Lord, Age of Twilight

  • Complete Fii’s quest chain and get the Rune of the Prince of Death.

Elden Lord, Age of Despair

  • Complete the Dung Eater quest chain to receive the Rune of Healing the Fallen Curse.

Elden Lord, Age of Order

  • Complete Brother Korin and the Golden Mask questline to receive the Rune of Perfect Order.

Age of Stars

  • Complete the Witch of Ranny questline. There are no required items for this ending.

Lord of Raging Flame

Don’t enter the Frenzied Flame door until you’re ready to see the finale.
  • Get to the place of grace prohibiting Raging Flame, right behind the Raging Flame door. Don’t enter the door.
  • You can change this ending if you walk through the door, but you’ll add a lot of unnecessary work to yourself.

When to rescue the scum in Elden Ring

The best place to save scum is right at the end of the game. After defeating the final boss of the game, you will find yourself near Marika and the Place of Grace. Since there is a Place of Grace here, you can leave and return before choosing an ending. You’ll want to set up the save they revert to on that grace site. If you do this, you will only need to see one Elden Lord ending, an Age of Stars ending, and a Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending to get all the achievements.

From here, approach Marika and you’ll be presented with a choice between all the different mending runes you’ve collected. Choose any ending you want, reload and choose others. The ending of the Age of Stars can be triggered by a blue summon sign on the ground, which will bring the witch Ranni. Reload again.

The last one is the Raging Flame Lord. Do this one last time in case your save doesn’t bring back the branding.. This will allow you to avoid the possibility of being blocked in other endings. From the last area, quickly travel to the place of grace of the prohibition against rabid fire, remove all your armor and go through the door. After Three Fingers brands you, return to the last area and chat with Marika. You will most likely be able to return to your save, but again, make this the last ending just in case, otherwise, you will have to complete another side quest to remove the brand.

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