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If you’re stuck on a certain part of the Elden Ring Sellen quest or wondering where to start, you’re in luck. If you were focused on bosses or dungeons you may have missed some of the NPC quests available in the Netherlands. Sorceress Sellen is one of the many NPCs in Elden Ring and has one of the longest quests. There are also some prerequisites, so if you haven’t killed certain bosses, you’ll have trouble moving on to the next step. With this in mind spoilers are ahead, so click now if you’re unsure. Everything is fine? Then here’s how to complete the many steps of the Elden Ring Sellen quest.

Brief description of the Elden Ring Sellen quest

Here is a summary of the steps you need to take to complete this quest:

  • Meet Sellen in the basement at Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave (optional).
  • Retrieve Azur’s Comet Magic from Primal Sorcerer Azur in Mount Gelmir.
  • Speak with Sellen at the Waypoint Ruins.
  • Find Lusat at Sellia’s hideout in Calida.
  • Return to the Waypoint Ruins and speak with Sellen.
  • Speak with Sellen at the Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Travel to Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia West and transplant the Primal Shiny Stone.
  • Travel to Redmane Castle in Caelida and speak with Jerren.
  • Return to the Witchbane Ruins to find Jerren.
  • Head to the Great Library of Paradise Lucaria to make your choice.

waypoint ruins

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Primal Sorcerer Azur’s location is marked in red. (Image courtesy of Software)

How to start Sellen’s quest

You first meet the sorcerer Sellen in waypoint ruins in Limgrave. She is in the basement and you can access her room once you defeat the Mad Pumpkin Head enemy inside. Find the door at the back of the basement to find Sellen. In addition to selling Elden Ring sorcery, Sellen will ask if you want to learn from her. You need to accept this if you want to start your main quest.

Now you need to progress much further in the game in order to trigger the next part of this quest. You also need to make sure that you defeat the main boss of Rai Lukaria Academy, Rentals.

Once you get to Mount Gelmir and the Hermit Village located there, find the Primal Wizard Azur at the cliff to the northeast and take Azur’s Comet magic from him. You can now return to Sellen in Waypoint Ruins. Select “Let’s travel together” when prompted and she will ask you to find another sorcerer. You will also receive the Sellian Sealbreaker item.

Sellia’s hideous image 1 of 2Quest Elden Ring Sellen

Now you need to go to Calydus. The Place of Grace at Farot Fort is probably the easiest place to start if you already have access to it. If not, you need to travel to Sellia’s Witching Village and complete a quest there that requires you to climb the rooftops and light three braziers. The only other option is to flee the beast sanctuary where you use Root of death– from the north, although you will have to use the Torrent to run through a couple of bosses.

From the church of the plague place of grace, go west and find the cemetery. Find the tallest headstone and examine the wall behind it. Hitting the wall will unlock the entrance to the Sellia Hideaway.

Make your way through this dungeon, breaking through several illusory walls, until you reach a point where you need to cross a blue crystal bridge into a large cave. Walkthrough here and drop down to the bottom near the end to return to solid ground. Jump over the chasm and follow the cave wall until you see another blue crystal bridge to your right. You will know if you are in the right place because a crystal snail sits on it.

From there, drop down to the area below. It’s quite a long descent with a hostile sorcerer at the bottom, so be careful. Once it’s sent out, use the Cillian Seal Breaker on the blue seal and head into the tunnel to find Lusat at the end. You will receive the Ruin Star sorcery.

Now return to Sellen in Waypoint Ruins and exhaust all of her dialogue options.

Witchbane Ruins

Location of the Witchbane Ruins. (Image courtesy of Software)

Find Sellen in the Ruins of Witchbane.

If you find that Sellen’s quest isn’t progressing here, make sure you defeat Radan. This is part of another quest and you can find details on how to get to the boss in our Elden Ring Ranni Quest Guide.

Now you need to find the Witchbane Ruins located on Weeping Pennisula to the west. The nearest Place of Grace is the Fourth Church of Marika. From here, head south of the church and find the basement entrance in the nearby ruins.

You will find Sellen chained here. Talk to her to receive the item “Primal Brilliant Stone of Sellen”.

Takeoff RannyRanni’s Rise location. (Image credit: FromSoftware)

Find the body at Ranni’s Rise.

Then you need to go to Ranni’s Rise near Caria Manor in West Liurnia. You should have unlocked this place and the Place of Grace here during Ranny’s quest.

Climb down the stairs and exit the Place of Grace and find the ruins down the slope and northeast of the tower. Between the two rows of arches, there is an illusory floor. Climb down the steps and break through the illusory wall at the back of the room. Here you will find Sellen’s body, so transplant the Primal Brilliant Stone when prompted.


Location of Redmayne Castle. (Image credit: FromSoftware)

Speak with Jerren at Red-Mane Keep.

Now you need to go to Red-Mane Castle in Caelida, more specifically, to the Hall outside Grace Square. Once again, you should have unlocked this location during Ranny’s quest.

Go north from the Place of Grace and find the door at the top of the stone stairs. Find Jerren sitting inside on a chair and talk to him until you exhaust all dialogue options. Now it’s time to return to the Witchbane Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula.

From the Church of Marika’s Grace, return to the basement of the Witch’s Curse Ruins and find Jerren here. He killed Sellen’s “body”. Talk to him to once again exhaust all of his dialogue options.

Sellen or Jerren to choose from

Place of Grace of the Great Library of Rai Lukaria. (Image courtesy of Software)

Choice Elden Ring: Sellen or Jerren: which side?

Now head to the Great Library of Lucaria’s Paradise, the place of grace where you fought Rennala. Go outside to the elevator, but don’t take it. You should see two summon signs at the door of the boss room – one for Sellen, the other for Jerren.

Now you need to choose who you want to help. Whichever one you choose, he will join you in defeating the other.

if you are helping Sellen kill Jerren you get:

  • Eccentric Armor Set
  • mulledstone Chris dagger
  • Magic Shard Spiral (added to the store)
  • Brilliant Witch Crown

if you are challenged Cullen and ask Jerren to help you kill her you get:

  • runic arch
  • Ringing Finger Cure
  • Bearing Selena
  • Brilliant Witch Crown

That’s all. Good job, Tarnish.

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