Elden Ring Siofra River well location

Want to go underground in Elden Ring? Then look no further than this guide. The Lands Between is full of places to explore, from the near-apocalyptic hellish landscape of Caelid to the picturesque wetlands of the lakes of Lithuania. But like other FromSoft games, there is a secret underground area similar to Skyrim’s Blackreach. The area has its own unique items, enemies, and even a boss to fight, so let’s see how to get there as early as possible.

How to find the Siofra River in Elden Ring

There are two ways to get to the Siofra river area. It’s easiest to start in West Limgrave, but if you head east, you’ll find the East Limgrave region and the Misty Forest. The site of the well on the river Siofra is located among the trees near the place where the road enters the forest from the north. When you arrive, the doors will be wide open, allowing you to enter the elevator and go down.

It’s quite a long journey – anyone who played the original Mass Effect will understand the pain – and once you get to the button, you’ll have to fight your way through the ruins. There are many tanks, enemies armed with spears, as well as water sorcerers. Fight your way to the elevator on the far side, ride it up, then sneak past the giant crab to reach the place of grace on the banks of the Siofra River and the main part of the area. There will be a body with a map of the region next to the steps of the temple in front, so go and get it. Once you get it, you will be able to switch the map between overground and underground.

Location of the Elden Ring Siofra Well

The second path to Siofra is much more difficult, as it is located in the harsh region of Camelid. If you head to the far north end of the Siofra River, you will be able to unlock the elevator with the Elden Ring Keystone sword that leads to this well. This building is hidden in a ravine that is quite difficult to descend from, so if you don’t manage to find it first on your travels, I recommend using the well in Limgrave East to descend into Siofra.

Enemies, collectibles, and bosses on the Siofra River

If you don’t already feel so confident in your combat abilities, you may want to skip this area. Otherwise, get ready to fight tough villains. The temple has an Ancestral Spirit boss with a giant deer carcass near the Riverside Place of Grace. You can unlock the puzzle to fight the boss, and for your challenges, you can unlock the ability to summon one of the deadliest enemies of the Siofra River. You can also find Golden Seed, Stone Sword Key, and Ash of War: Square Off. There is also a portal hidden in a broken tower that will take you to another area with a Dragon Soldier, which is on our list of Elden Ring bosses.

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