Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf Shack location

Whether you stumbled upon NPC Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf’s Shack while exploring or still trying to find her, this guide will help you. As with all games in the Souls series, you’ll find various NPCs scattered throughout the Midlands. It’s not always clear if they’ll offer you more than a few lines of dialogue, and you can miss out on valuable items if you take the ones you come across at face value.

Latina certainly falls into this category and Ashes of the Old Ring Spirit item if you comply with her request. Since she’s pretty easy to miss, I’ll explain exactly where to find her and what you need to do to claim her reward. This is where the NPC Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf’s Shack can be found and summoned to Latenna the Albinauric.

How to get Latina the Albinauric Spirit Ash in Elden Ring

In order to get Spiritual Ash from Latenna, you need to take the first half of the medallion from Albus – NPC, who is hiding in a pot in Albinauric Village. Our guide to the Elden Ring Haligtree medallion has detailed information on exactly where to find it.

Once you have the item you need, head to the Slumbering Wolf Hut and speak with Latina. Select “Listen to her request,” then after she hints at the location of the second half of the locket, she will ask if she can come with you. Once it is gone, you will receive Latenna, the Albinauric Spirit Ash. Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf Hut: Where to Find Latina

You can find Latina in Liurnia of the Lake. It is quite difficult to get to it, as you will need to go through the Crystal Cave on the shore of the lake. Dungeon and win bossBloodhound Knight.

The entrance to this dungeon is located northwest of the place of grace on the shores of Lake Liurnia, holding the rock to your left. As you approach the group of islands south of the picturesque Grace Island, you should find a cave entrance that will take you underground.

After you’ve made it through the dungeon and taken care of the boss, find the tunnel leading out of the dungeon, not the misty door, then once outside, turn left to find Latina sitting in front of the Slumbering Wolf Hut.

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