Elden Ring speedrun world record video

speed run ancient ring so new that speedrun.com – the leading database of verified community exploits – no ads yet. That hasn’t stopped the runners from getting a head start and it looks like when the first scores are sanctioned they will arrive in less than 30 minutes.

Twitch streamer LilAggy posted on Wednesday, 12 days after the game launched, what appeared to be the first run of fewer than 60 minutes. Then, over the weekend, streamer Distortion2 cut his personal best. more than 20 minutes what is the benchmark to run ancient ring until 28:59. The video about it is below.

It’s an Any% speedrun, which means every tactic is fair game, including crashes and other exploits. Distortion2 uses some exploits as well as in-game skills, such as using double jumps while in the saddle to get across the ground faster. It also “incorrectly warps” the game, which causes the game to resurrect his character in new locations after he dies so he can move to late-game areas more quickly.

Having set the previous unofficial record, lilaggie pointed One of the reasons speedrun.com doesn’t recognize any records yet is that timing rules have not been officially defined. Distortion2 runs were counted according to in-game time, which was taken from the ancient ring save file. The speedrunning community can choose “RTA No Load”, which means real time minus time spent on loading screens.

This burst of activity makes ancient ring solid Games are made the fast candidates. Summer Games Done Quick will be game reception in the next two weeks. Whether or not a game will appear in the speed marathon depends on event organizers, who must consider its viewership, performer, and where it fits into the weekly schedule.

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