Elden Ring speedrunner already has a sub one hour run

The Soulborne games have always had an active speed community,

So it’s no surprise that the ancient ring already has impressive times. Actually, Twitch streamer LilAggy completed what seems first less than an hour of play on his stream on Wednesday. As impressive as the video is, don’t expect it to be your own. The ancient ring plays much better. It takes quite a few glitches, bugs. And teleports to complete the game in less than an hour, which LilAggy makes great use of.

He quickly goes through most of the opening of the game and is completely transferred to one of ancient ringVolcano Manor. Next to Rijkaard, Lord of Blasphemy, one of the last demigods. After eliminating another boss and collecting a few needed upgrades. He heads to Farum Azula, the ancient ring last area, and fights the stack of bosses that guard the end of the game. Although they give him a little more trouble than anything else up to this point. He still manages to send them off to reach his incredible time.

While LilAggy seems to be the fastest at the moment,

Other speedrunners approach the game a little differently. YouTuber Niko Bellic – named after Grand Theft Auto 4main character, uploaded immortal gameplay. This happens in about two and a half hours. This run still includes a lot of skips but apparently eliminates a few death and crash skips that are used in faster runs like LilAggy. While both of these feats are extremely impressive, the ancient ring has only been away for a couple of weeks so far; the speedrunner community is just getting started. With such a wide-open play and so many different approaches to it, there are bound to be dozens of weird, unique, and extremely fast speed runs.

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