Elden Ring speedrunner tears through the game in 2.5 hours without dying

Elden Ring speedrunner Niko Bellic

Beat the game from start to finish in just over two and a half hours. And they did it without dying once. Speedrun video contains vast spoilers if you haven’t beaten the game yet. This is probably the case for almost everyone right now. But as the person who did it. I can tell you that Niko Bellic’s walkthrough is impressive both in how the route uses all of them. The game’s built-in location passes and how they managed to complete all the required boss fights without wasting time. Deathblow.

Acceleration starts like any normal game playthrough

Niko Bellic chooses Vagabond as his starting class and then runs around the game almost immediately. They go straight to the Gate front Site of Grace, grab the Torrent, and head to the way gate. Which teleports you to northern Camelid. The Torrent is critical for most playthroughs because it allows Niko Bellic to skip almost anything that isn’t part of the game’s critical path. They can do things like the run-up to the Night Cavalry boss without getting hit and then lead him to the bridge where he will jump to his death for light runes. It seems like many boss fights are solely due to leveling up or Niko Bellic’s damage boost items.

It doesn’t look like Niko Bellic is making any significant glitches or misses that are unavailable to anyone playing the game. There are several additional ways to get to the mid and late-game areas earlier than usual in Elden Ring, and Niko Bellic uses almost all of them. For example, to Stormveil Castle’s right, a path skips Margit and Godric, the first two central boss fights in the game. However, when they decide to take on the bosses, you can see their skills show through in their game. The final boss fights in Elden Ring can be brutal with a high-level character, and Niko Bellic did it with starting armor, a longsword, and a vast amount of strength and agility. Instead of finding some outrageous trick to one-shot a boss, Niko Bellic meticulously dodges attacks and uses their build to stagger enemies to death constantly.

If you’ve played the game, you can see the mechanics working in Niko Bellic’s brain as he runs past enemies, pulls levers, and goes through fog doors. Ridiculous skipping is common in Souls games, including slipping underground to skip areas or bugs that cause enemies to die instantly, but Niko Bellic mainly handles absurd combat skills. A good reminder that there’s always someone as good at a Souls game less than a month after it was released.

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