Elden Ring speedruns are already at the 30 minute mark

Update: Distortion2 has now beaten the game in 30:24 here on Sunday, March 13 around 8:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm PT. Distortion has set their next target at 28:06 or better and are broadcasting the attempts live. on tweet.

Original story: Elden Ring’s high-speed runs sometimes started at two and a half hours, and dwindled down to less than an hour just a day later. From there? Since then, it’s been insane, as “Any%” speedrunners are aggressively dropping minutes at a time with each new trick and glitch discovered – technology, in speedrun parlance.

For now, we’ve settled on the speedrunner. Distortion2, which showed a shocking 33:55 today, March 13, 2020, just a couple of days after saying that the fast track time will definitely drop below 40 minutes soon. Congratulations to Distortion2 on setting ridiculous records before the speedrun.com rating site even started accepting submissions.

Any% speedruns, for those unfamiliar, are speedruns that use any bug, glitch, gap, exploit, or cheese they can find to get to the end of the game as quickly as possible.

Since the time is already approaching the 30-minute mark, it can be assumed that over the next day they will fall below 30 minutes or aim for less than 20 minutes. Elden Ring has more optional areas than any previous FromSoftware game, and only a handful of bosses stand between the truly dedicated speedrunner and the final fights. The open-world structure helps, as does finding some really weird out-of-sequence area omissions, either built into the game intentionally or via a bug.

This, and there’s a big weird bug which makes you teleport. No, not a joke, but nobody can figure out how to do it reliably.

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