Elden Ring spells guide: Where to find sorceries and incantations

Are you looking for all Elden Ring spells? Magic in Elden Ring is very similar to previous Souls games. You have spells like miracles and sorcery like… well, sorcery. These healing, support, and fire damage spells require a separate catalyst called Sacred Seal. The scaling is also pretty similar: Sorcery relies on intelligence, while spells rely on faith.

You will find spells throughout the game and from various vendors. You can also increase your memory slots by finding memory stones and equipping certain magical talismans. Here’s where to find Elden Ring spells and items to help you with your build.


Elden Ring Magic Vendors

If you want to purchase magic, here is a list of some characters that will help:

Sorcerer Rogier: You can find it in the chapel, accessible through the back door to Stormvale Castle. From Grace Tower Tower, walk along the wall with the Stormhawk-throwing barrel, then down the stairs to jump through the hole in the bell tower to find it in the small chapel. Exhaust his dialogue, and he will return to the Round Table Keep to sell you magic.

Selenium: Found in Waypoint Ruins in East Limgrave. Head south down the road from Agil Lake’s Northern Grace Spot to find them. Fight the Mad Pumpkin Head boss, and you can open the door behind her office. Say you will be her apprentice, and she will teach you witchcraft.

Selves: Located in the Seluvis Uplands behind Caria Manor in the north of Western Liguria. You will have to fight the Loretta boss to gain access to the estate itself. This will also unlock the Elden Ring Ranni quest.

Tops: Found in the Church of Iritis, west of the entrance to Liurnia after defeating Godric. He only sells basic spells but will tell you how to get Shiny Elden Ring Key for the Academy of Ray Lukaria.

Elden Ring Spell Sellers

Here are the spell vendors we found:

Brother Korin: Available when you first enter the hold of the Round Table, giving you plenty of Prayer Books to increase his spell range. After he goes looking for the Noble Golden Mask, you can find him on the road leading north to the Altus Plateau, very close to the map pillar. He will have even more spells if you visit him there.

D: This undead hunter sells a couple of spells. To unlock him, head to Summonwater Village in East Limgrave, speak to him just to the west, then defeat the Tibia Mariner boss. After that, talk to him, and he will tell you about the location of the portal leading to the animal sanctuary. After that, he will appear in the hold of the Round Table.

Gurrank – In the Beast Sanctuary, you will find the Beast Priest, Gurranka. He doesn’t sell you magic but will give you beast magic in exchange for Death Root, which you get for defeating Elden Ring undead bosses like Tibia Mariner or Black Knife Assassin in the Deathtouched Catacombs in Western Limgrave.

Church of the Holy Communion – When you defeat a dragon in Elden Ring, you will receive its heart, which you can exchange for a spell at the Church of the Sacrament of the Dragon, on the island southwest of the start of the game. As you defeat more dragons, the choice will increase. You can access this island through the Coastal Cave dungeon west of the Lost Cemeteries, on the beach.

Aspects of the Crucible – You can learn some very powerful spells by defeating Crucible Knights and bosses around the world. If you get to Deeproot Depths, you can also get an armor set that empowers them. The first can be found at Stormhill Evergaol in West Limgrave, north of Elleh Church on the hill.

Scrolls and prayer books

Hex Scrolls increase the selection of spells provided by the sorcery vendor, while Prayer Books do the same for spells. Here are some of the ones we’ve found so far:

  • Assassin’s Prayer Book: Behind the second door with the Stone Sword Key in the basement of the Round Table Keep.
  • Godkin Prayer Book: At Stormvale Castle. Near the beginning of the courtyard with the flamethrower, go down the stairs through the basement door to the room with the rats to find the Imp statue. Open it with the Stone Sword Key to get the Seal of the Godslayer and the Godskin Prayer Book, which you can give to Korin.
  • Academy Scroll: Find it northwest of the Irit Church, where you’ll find Tops. It is located under the main grave at the end of the cemetery. Beware of skeletons with scythes. Give it to Selene to learn more spells.

memory stones

Where to find Memory Stones

Memory Stones increase your magical memory. Here are the places where we found them:

  • Dropped by the Red Wolf of Radagon boss in Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • One is located at the top of the Seluvis Rise.
  • Noxtella’s Moon Talisman increases memory slots and is located in the underground city of the same name.

Magic Items

Here are some strong magic items to build spells

Here we’ll look at some of the strong magic items you might want to get if you find yourself playing a spell build:

  • Moon of Noxtella: A talisman that increases memory cells. Gain access to it and the city by completing Ranny’s quest.
  • Darkmoon Greatsword: If you want to become more of a battle mage or want to have a great weapon that increases intelligence, then the Greatsword of the Darkmoon is a good choice. You can get it by completing Ranny’s quest.
  • The memory of the Full Moon Queen: After defeating Rennala, you can exchange her memory for some powerful items related to witchcraft, including a very good staff and a powerful spell. All in all, going to Raya Lukaria is a good idea if you are interested in witchcraft.
  • Marika’s seal: You can find this talisman under the waterfall behind the Dragonkin Soldier boss in the Siofra River. Head to the Forest of Worshipers in the northeast and find the fallen pillar by the ancestral archers. Climb up it to find a portal and access the boss. This talisman raises the mind, intellect, faith, and magic.
  • Azure Hidden Tear: If you mix this Crystal Tear of Elden’s Ring with your Vial of Miraculous Healing, you will be able to completely eliminate the consumption of FP for a short period of time, which is very powerful, especially if you are summoning with the Spirit Calling Bell. You can find the Tear by defeating the Flawed Tree Spirit near the Map Pillar on Mount Gelmir.
  • Ancestral Spirit Horn: After defeating the boss Regal Ancestor Spirit, you will receive his memory, which can be exchanged for this talisman. It is strong as it restores FP when you defeat enemies. This should unload your jars.

You can also get magic from bosses, like with Loretta’s Big Arrow, and just scattered around the world, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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