Elden Ring Spirit Ashes guide

Want to know how to use the Elden Ring’s spirit ashes to help you in the Interlands? One of the biggest changes to the soul formula coming with Elden Ring is the ability to summon mobs of creatures and individual NPCs to help you once you get Spirit Calling Bell closer to the start of the game. This extremely powerful ability takes a lot of pressure off difficult areas and bosses and makes it easier for offline players to face bosses that don’t have NPCs summoned. No call for the boss? Just call an NPC with a bell.

You need Spirit Ashes to summon allies, and that’s a fun element of this new mechanic. These ashes are located throughout the world, in chests and as a reward for defeating certain bosses. This makes Elden Ring a game of summoning as you expand your ever-growing catalog of summons. However, they can be quite tricky to find, so here is the Elden Ring summons we’ve found so far.

How to summon in Elden Ring

Once you get the Spirit Calling Bell, all you have to do is use your ashes as a consumable to use it. These calls are temporary and will cost FP. They can also only be summoned in certain locations, such as boss battles, dungeons, and marked areas filled with enemies.

If you plan to summon regularly, I especially recommend getting the Sky Blue Hidden Tear for the Flask of Miraculous Medicine, as it eliminates all FP costs for a short period, effectively making your summoning free and independent of your FP limit.

Ashes of the spirit of the Elden ring: where to find it

Here is the summons we’ve found so far and how to get them:

Fanged Imp Ashes

  • What it does: Summons a pair of fast and evasive imps.
  • Location: An Elden Ring keepsake that you can choose at the start of the game.

Lone Wolf Ashes

  • What it does: Summons a pack of three fast wolves.
  • Location: Given with the Spirit Calling Bell by the Witch Renna.

Wandering Noble Ash

  • What it does: Summons a swarm of five nobles as a meat shield.
  • Location: West Limgrave. In the Stormfoot Catacombs northwest of Ellech Church. Find them in the room up the stairs after the two flame turrets.

Warhawk Ashes

  • What it does: Summons a Stormhawk from Stormvale Castle.
  • Location: Unravel the mystery of the picture “Instinct homing”.

spirit jellyfish

  • What it does: Summons a floating spirit jellyfish named Aurelia.
  • Location: West Limgrave. You can get this by talking to Roderica in the ruined house by the Stormhill Shack.

Exiled Knight Oleg

  • What it does: Summons NPC Oleg, who wields two blades.
  • Location: West Limgrave. The reward for defeating the Corrupted Tree Spirit in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon in the Stranded Graveyard.

Ashes of the Skeleton Militia

  • What it does: Summons two skeleton warriors armed with spears.
  • Location: East Limgrave. Obtained by defeating Tibia’s Sailor in Summonwater Village.

Noble Sorcerer’s Ashes

  • What it does: Summons a noble sorcerer who will cast spells on the enemy.
  • Location: Defeat the Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss in the Stormfoot Catacombs Dungeons in West Limgrave. Head northwest from Elle Church to find a door in the rock.

Ashes of Ancestral Followers

  • What it does: Summons a minotaur follower with a heavy bow.
  • Location: Siofra river. The reward for defeating the Ancestor Spirit boss in Hallowhorn Grounds.

Raya Lukaria Soldier’s Ashes

  • What it does: Summons three soldiers who serve the academy.
  • Location: Found in a chest in the Catacombs at the End of the Road dungeon in the southern part of Western Liuria. Head south from the blessed Avenger’s Hut along the cliffside path filled with bats to find a door set into the rock.

Shiny Wizard’s Ashes

  • What it does: Summons a sorcerer from Rai Lukaria Academy.
  • Location: Can be obtained from The Road’s End Catacombs dungeon in southern West Liuria by defeating the Spirit-Caller Snail boss.

Puppet Soldier Ashes

  • What it does: Summons a pair of multi-armed assault rifle soldiers with bows.
  • Location: After you unlock Rai Lukaria Academy with the Glintstone Key, you will find them in the graveyard. Instead of crossing the rickety wooden bridge, go around the graves to the left and follow the path below them while watching the enemy on the right. Jump over the gap and follow the path to a small cave with two puppet soldiers inside. Take the ashes from the body hanging over the ledge.


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