Elden Ring Stonesword Keys guide

Old Ring Stone Sword Keys are one of the rarest items in the Interlands, even rarer than Golden Seeds. This is probably because they give you the opportunity to get great rewards. Similar to the Pharros keystones in Dark Souls 2, these keys can be inserted into imp statues to remove fog doors, giving you access to crafting items, spell tomes, talismans, and even dungeons. Their value is also why the Stone Sword Key is one of the best Elden Ring keepsakes. In this list of Elden Ring stone sword locations, I’ll go through the ones we’ve found so far, as well as the imp statues we’ve found. Some of them have decent goodies, so you should figure out where to spend your meager keys. We don’t have many yet, as they are rare, but we’ll add more as soon as we find them.

Stone Sword Keys

Elden Ring Stonesword Key Locations

East Limgrave

  • One can be taken as a souvenir at the beginning of the game.
  • One of them can be found on a body near the Storm Hill shack. Grace Site on Storm Hill. Just follow the road up from the Gate front to find it.
  • You can buy three from Enya’s Finger Reader in the Round Table Lobby for 4,000 runes each. To unlock it, you must defeat Godric and take his Grafted Memories to Limgrave Divine Tower, east of Stormvale Castle. For more information, see our boss guide.

West Limgrave

  • At the southernmost point of East Limgrave, on the Bridge of Sacrifices that leads to the Wailing Peninsula, you will find a key on a body behind a ballista.

Siofra River

  • Head east from the Lot of Grace on the banks of the Siofra River, along the edge of the cliff, to find a Spirit Step that will allow you to jump to the top of the broken viaduct jutting into the abyss. Walk forward, jump over the chasm with your Elden Ring mount, Torrent, and you’ll find a body lying at the farthest edge with a key.

Mount Gelmir

  • Head west down the road from the Bridge of Iniquity at Grace’s Lot, past the hanging bodies, and to where Anastasia is invading to find him on a bridge littered with corpses.
  • Head west from the first camp of grace on Mount Gelmir to the camp with the siege tower. Go past the pumpkin head at the far end and jump over the rocks. Head up the stairs past the Grafted Scion. Head left to go up another ladder near the puppet archers. Upstairs, you will find a merchant who sells a stone sword key for 5,000 runes.

Altus Plateau

  • Follow the road north from Grand Dectus Elevator, then turn right at the fork in the road. Keep walking until you come across a broken bridge with a place of grace and a merchant sitting on it. He will sell you three stone sword keys for 4000 runes each.
  • The Imp Statue opens the Evergaol of the Golden Homeland east of the Great Dectus Elevator. There is a boss here that looks a lot like Godric. Must be a distant relative.

Eastern Peaks of the Giants

  • From the fertile stretch of Whiteridge Road, head to the camp around the fort. The key is on the body next to the Fire Prelate with a large hammer.

Location of the Elden Ring Imp Statue

There are many imp statues scattered around the world, but here is what some of them open so you know where to spend your keys:

Round table

  • The first Imp statue in the basement of the Round Table Keep unlocks the Krepus Black Key Crossbow, a good sniper weapon if you’re going for a long-range build.
  • The second Imp statue in the Round Table Keep, after Krepus’ crossbow, opens the Assassin’s Prayer Book with Spells.

West Limgrave

  • The Imp Statue on the Stranded Graveyard unlocks the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon, which is definitely worth unlocking as it gives you a nice talisman, an NPC summon, and a golden seed.
  • In Stormvale Castle, in the basement, there is a statue of Imp with rats near the flamethrower yard. This will give you the Seal of the Godslayer and the Prayer Book of Godskin, which you can give to Brother Korin to learn the Godslayer spells.
  • Another statue of the Imp is located in Stormvale Castle, in the side room from the large hall with hanging body parts and the Grafted Descendant. This rewards you with the Miséricorde dagger, which has a high critical strike rate, and the Iron Whetblade, which allows you to add Heavy, Keen, or Quality modifiers to the weapon. This also opens up a very long descent with items at the bottom, but we don’t know how to get down there yet. Does anyone cat ring?

East Limgrave

  • The Imp Statue in Summonwater Village in East Limgrave unlocks the Turtle Talisman. It’s basically the new Dark Souls Chloranti ring that regenerates stamina, which is definitely useful in certain settings.

Siofra River

  • The Imp Statue at the northernmost point of the Siofra River opens an elevator that leads to the Deep Well of Siofra on the western side of Caelid.

Western Liuria

  • At the Four Bell Towers on the hill, in the southern part of western Liuria, you can activate portals using Charged Sword Keys. You can get one from the chest upstairs, but we don’t know where to get the rest yet.

Mount Gelmir

  • The Imp Door, with a soldier guarding it, along the river from the Seatwater River’s Place of Grace, opens up a particularly gruesome poisonous dungeon.

And that’s all we’ve unlocked for now. We will add more to this list over time.

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