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Are you looking for the location of the Elden Ring mascot? Talismans for Elden Ring are the same as rings for Dark Souls, giving you many benefits and effects. Many of these new rings have the same effect as many regular rings in Dark Souls, except that these talismans also take a leaf from the book of Bloodborne: they enhance certain types of attacks to complement your play style.

You will start with one talisman slot, but after you defeat various bosses, you will be able to carry more of them and equip several of the same types of talismans to add up different damage buffs. Here is the location of the amulets and how to get more talisman slots in Elden Ring.


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  • Location of the Elden Ring mascots

    Talisman of Erdtree’s Favor

    • The effect: Increases maximum HP, stamina, and equipment.
    • Location: West Limgrave. Found in the Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon, behind the bridge with two Grafted Descendants.

    Fire Dragon Talisman

    • The effect: Increases fire damage negation.
    • Location: West Limgrave. Obtained by defeating Beastman Faram Azul in the Groveside Cave dungeon, north of Ellen Church.

    Boltdragon Talisman

    • The effect: Increases lightning damage negation.
    • Location: West Limgrave. Found in Stormvale Castle, just after Limgrave Tower Bridge.

    Roar Talisman

    • The effect: Increases roar and breath.
    • Location: West Limgrave. Obtained from defeating the Stonedigging Troll boss in the Limgrave Tunnels dungeon, located at the northwestern end of the lake.

    blue dancer charm

    • The effect: Increases attack power with less load on equipment. New Flynn Ring.
    • It is obtained by defeating the Ruin Golem boss in the Highroad Cave dungeon. Head north from Murkwater Cave and use spirit step to jump into the river with the tentacle monsters. The jail is at the end on the left. Location: West Limgrave.

    Arsenal Sharm

    • The effect: Increases the maximum load of equipment—Havel’s new ring.
    • Location: Given to Nefeli in the Round Table Keep to have summoned her to fight Godric. You can find her in the side room after Thunderhawks, but in front of the giant troll in front of Godric’s boss door.

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Crimson Assassin’s Dagger

  • The effect: Critical hits restore HP.
  • Location: West Limgrave. The reward for defeating the Black Knife Slayer boss in the Deathtouched Catacombs dungeon east of Warmaster’s Hut in Storm Hill.

Turtle Mascot

  • The effect: Increases the rate at which stamina regenerates. New Ring of Chloranti.
  • Location: East Limgrave. Found in the basement of Summonwater Village. Use the Elden Ring stone sword key to open the door.

Ax Talisman

  • The effect: Boosts charged attacks.
  • Location: East Limgrave. In the Misty Forest Ruins, where you find Bladed, the wolfman from the Old Ring, roaring on a tower, you can find this talisman in the basement. However, be careful of the sleeping bear right at the entrance.

Cleansing Horn Amulet

  • The effect: Increases attention.
  • Location: Siofra river. In the far north, on a body lying by the steps leading to the elevator of Siophra’s Deep Well.

Curved Sword Talisman

  • The effect: Boosts guard counters.
  • Location: East Limgrave. On the way back to Stormvale Castle, this can be found in the room where Patches locks you and the knight.

Ritual Sword Talisman

  • The effect: Increases attack power when HP is at maximum.
  • Location: Altus Plateau was obtained by defeating the Demihuman Queen boss in Lux Ruins basement. Head north from where the Great Elden Ring Dectus Elevator rises to find them.

Claw Talisman

  • The effect: Increases jump attacks.
  • Location: East Limgrave. Located on one of the tallest towers in Stormvale Castle, surrounded by birds. This tower can be accessed from the back entrance to the castle and the Grace Tower Tower.
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Fire Scorpion Charm

  • The effect: Increases fire attack but reduces damage negation.
  • Location: In Mount Gelmir. Found on the rooftop of Fort Lyedd on the westernmost edge of the region. It can be accessed by entering Gelmir further south, through the site of grace on the Seawater River.

Talisman of Marika’s Scar Seal

  • The effect: Increases mind, intelligence, faith, and magic but increases damage taken.
  • Location: Siofra river. Found behind the Dragonkin Soldier boss under the waterfall. From the Worshiper’s Fertile Forest in the north, head south to find a fallen pillar leading to a broken tower with a portal inside. Walkthrough to access the boss in the lake.

Hammer Talisman

  • The effect: Increases stamina-reducing attacks against blockers.
  • Location: West Limgrave. Defeat the invader at the Colosseum at the northernmost point in the region.

Lance Talisman

  • The effect: Boosts mounted attacks.
  • Location: West Limgrave. Found on some giant buried armor in the northeasternmost point of the region.

Great Shield Talisman

  • The effect: Increases defensive ability.
  • Location: Altus Plateau. Head northeast from the Grand Lift of Dectus to find it at the back of a parked caravan in a military camp surrounded by ballistae.

Pearl Dragon Talisman +1

  • The effect: Significantly increases non-physical damage negation.
  • Location: Mount Gelmir in the basement of Wyndham Ruins north of the Great Dectus elevator. Head north past the ruins of Lux and keep going until you find a village with a Tibia Mariner boss. Requires a Stone Sword Key to open.

talisman slots

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How to Get More Elden Ring Talisman Slots

You can get more talisman gear slots by defeating these various bosses:

Check out our Elden Ring Boss Guide if you want to know where to find them, as well as tips on how to defeat them. There may be more bosses offering talisman slots than just these two, and we’ll add them when we find them.

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