Elden Ring Thops quest guide

Luckily, the Elden Ring Thops quest is very short – great news if you’ve gone through the many steps that Quest Runny requires. And just because Tops doesn’t play a big role in his own story doesn’t mean the rewards you get for completing his short quest aren’t worth it.

Quest Thops rewards you bell bearingbut weapon, as well as a gesture required for certain tower puzzles. Completing the quest requires you to kill a certain boss in Lukaria’s Paradise Academy, but that’s clearly not one of the steps. Here’s what you need to know about Elden Ring Thops and how to complete his short quest.

Where is Tops at Elden Ring?

You first encounter Tops in the Church of Iryth when you first travel to Lyurnia of the Lake, either after defeating Godric in Stormveil Castle or using a shortcut to bypass it. The church is located southwest of the Cliffs of Grace, facing the lake.

Tops is a student of Rai Lukaria Academy and can be bought from him for sorcery. Selecting “Talk” from the shop menu will allow him to clarify who he is, and he will mention that the Shiny Stone Key is needed to break the Academy Seal. He asks you to bring him one if you find any extra keys on your travels.

Note: If you have already picked up the first key, described in detail in our Glintstone key guideand have already gained access to the Academy, you will be asked to transfer it, but he will refuse your offer, saying that the key is yours.

How to find the second Academy Key

The second Glintstone Key is a little harder to find than the first. You need to have access to Lukaria’s Paradise Academy and fight your way through the area until you defeat the Red Wolf Radagon boss.

From the Site of Grace debate room in the boss room, head north through the doors and out into the courtyard with the fountain. Turn left and go up the pile of rubble and up the stairs ahead of you, but watch out for the sorcerers here. At the top of the stairs, turn left and jump over the railing to the steps below. Climb those steps, then turn left again and jump over another railing to land on the roof.

Follow the roof to the south until you see a couple of puppet enemies in front of you. Take care of them, then find the ladder on the building on the right. Head west along the path above, but look for a powerful sorcerer up ahead. Once you get to the building at the end, run along its right side to the back, then drop down to another rooftop.

Key location of Glintstone. (Image courtesy of Software)

Jump off the northern edge of this rooftop, then back onto the next one, then drop down to the other rooftop to the west. You should now spot another puppet enemy on the narrow roof below you. Drop down here, then drop down onto the ledge directly in front of you, to the left of the enemy. Follow the ledge around and then jump onto the circular roof ahead. Go around the right side of the round building and you will find an open window that you can crawl through.

The second Glintstone key is on the chandelier below you. You can use the beams here to get down to it. Once you grab the key, return to Tops in Irit’s church. When you give it back, you will receive a Gesture of Erudite.

The second location of Tops. (Image courtesy of Software)

How to get the Staff of Glintstone Academy

After you rest at the Place of Grace, Tops should change location. You will again find it very close to the Grace School Classroom inside the Academy. You can loot his body to get the Shiny Academy Stone Staff, Tops’ Bell Bearing, and Tops’ Barrier’s War Ashes.

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