Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins cellar location

Are you looking for a place of grace in the Elden Ring waypoint ruins? These resting places are convenient for replenishing your health or spending your hard-earned runes. But you can also use them for fast travel around the map. The best part is that you don’t have to be anywhere near it to move your character to the grace site you already activated.

Grace Spots are definitely useful for quickly covering distances or returning to certain NPCs if you need it. As it happens, you can find a seller who sells Spells of the Old Ring in the basement of Waypoint Ruins, and activating the Site of Grace here is a useful way to get back to them once you’ve stocked up on runes to spend. Here’s where to find the Place of Grace in Elden’s Ring Way.

Location of the basement in the ruins of Elden Ring Waypoint: where to find the place of grace

The Waypoint Ruins basement is in East Limgrave, almost directly across from Ellech Church on the other side of the lake. The map below shows the exact location of the ruins, as well as the Place of Grace, found in the basement.

Even if you know the place, it is not so easy to find it. Don’t let the pink flowers fool you – the enemies in this area will poison you, and you look for a relatively small doorway to find the area below. Look for the torch that lights up the entrance, pretty close to the big flower enemy.

Once in the basement, get ready for a boss fight. However, Crazed Pumpkin Head isn’t particularly strong unless you get hit by its flail or headbutt. Once you kill him, you will find the Place of Grace in the same room. Open the door at the back of the basement to access the Sorceress Sellen and all of her spells.

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