Elden Ring YouTuber Beats Game In Two Hours Without Dying

Ancient ring It’s been out for almost two weeks now

And if you’re anything like me, you’re still making your way through the vast gothic world of the Lands Between. However, not everyone spends their free time playing. As one speedrunner completed FromSoftware’s action RPG in just two and a half hours… never died! The color makes me jealous.

As noticed, PC gamerYoutuber Niko Bellic is not the same GTA 4 main character-posted a video last week from them ancient ring speed. It all started quite similarly. Niko chose Rogue, a great starting class with lots of health and decent strength to start his run. After “dying” the required time at the beginning of the game, the many-armed Grafted Offspring and skip learning area, Niko got into the main world of Limgrave and immediately started running towards the three Sites of Grace, which gives you a Torrent. Loyal Steed is not just a map to get out of prison; if you face a tough boss, it is also a must to explore the ancient ring’s huge world. The double jump horse also helped Niko speed up the game.

You can guess how the rest of the run went. Niko missed most of the fights.

Instead, they decided to blast through entire districts just to plunder them, making their way through most of the Lands in between, stopping only to take out must-have bosses like Margit, the Fallen Omen. Niko defeated some optional bosses here and there and took damage throughout the run, but they managed to overwhelm the ancient ring with starting armor and not taking a fatal blow. Wild! What really impresses me about Niko’s speedrunning is his skill. He used several exploits, including one that drops enemies but keeps you in place by quickly shutting down the game. But other than that, Niko was no fool. Most of the enemies were killed in a matter of moments, and the boss encounters didn’t last more than 10 minutes or so. That’s what I like about FromSoftware games: watching people with a deep understanding of the genre just destroy them.

Kotaku reached out to Niko Bellic for comment.

As far as I can tell, no death ancient ring speedrun is the fastest ever published. Website Speedrun cataloging an extensive list of games and the time in which speedrunners complete them, nothing is indicated for an ancient ring right now. There are several videos on YouTube where other players speed up the game faster than Niko, such as someone who apparently completed the game in just under an hour, but no one managed to surpass Niko in a no-death run. Anyway, not yet.

The ancient ring is now one of the most popular games. Although their number has decreased since then, Action RPG breaks Steam and Twitch records shortly after its release on 25 February. It’s the same khaki as well as fashion are playable, so it’s only a matter of time before people uncover a lot of secrets in the Lands Between, if they haven’t already.

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