Elden Ring’s Best Character Is A Boss Named Starscourge Radahn

 Elden Ring’s Best Character Is A Boss Named Starscourge Radahn

I’m approaching 60 hours ancient ring and, being honest, I still have no idea what’s going on with the plot. Like the previous one, Souls games, knowledge FromSoftware created with Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin is an assortment of proper names and vague insinuations. However, one thing that I do is that the boss known as ‘General Radhan” is perhaps the best character in the game. He might even be the most incredible Souls character of all time.

Okay, hey, calm down. I know this is a big statement! But please don’t rush me to defend fan favorites like Dark souls pseudo-talisman Solaire of Astora or even Patches. The universal jerk was featured in several previous FromSoftware games. Although they and many others Souls the characters are great, General Radan stands head and shoulders above the rest, literally and figuratively, thanks to the way ancient ring mixes silly, touching, and fearsome bits of lore from his past with a unique boss fight that ultimately drastically changes the game’s world.

When you meet Radan in the ancient ring, he is a pale imitation of the brilliant demigod general who once commanded the wartime forces. After the destruction of the titular phenomenon. Previously, Radan was defeated in battle by his half-sister, Malenia the Severed. And contracted the Scarlet Rot, a disease that turns its victims into mindless ghouls with a single, all-encompassing desire: to devour everything they see.

As such, Radan now roams the corpse-strewn battlefields on his back too small horse whose name is Leonard), waiting for the day when someone strong enough can put an end to his suffering.

Radan’s official title is an ancient ring. It’s the Starscourge, and for a good reason. A sorceress named Sellen relates that the massive warrior “challenged the swirling constellations. at some point in his past” It is still unclear to me how exactly Radan fought stars. But his victory over these celestial bodies was so complete that they froze in the sky. “He is the force that repels the stars,” Sellen adds. “If General Radan dies, the stars will resume their course.” Simply put, the dude is fucking muscular.

Apart from his gigantic size, Radan’s brute strength also comes from his mastery of gravity itself. A school of magic that the player himself can also use with the appropriate stats and knowledge. These skills make Radan a formidable warrior and allow him to ride his horse of skin and bones without crushing the poor animal with his incredible weight. Leonard was the main impetus for Radan to develop his gravitational powers in the first place, as noted by this is the product description:

In his younger years, the Red Lion General had gravitational abilities, which he learned in Celia. All so that he never had to abandon his beloved but skinny horse.


Radan is in the first hour’s ancient ring as a rather tricky task. Many of the friendly faces you will meet in the Netherlands, including the beautiful “potted goblin” known as Iron “Fist Alexander”. And my boyfriend Bladed Halfwolf, are talking about heading to Radan’s former stronghold, Redmane Castle, to take part in some festival. Once you get to the castle yourself, it becomes clear that the festivities are just an excuse to put Radan out of his misery. Set up by the loyal servants he left behind. Some of the world’s most capable fighters have gathered to test their mettle against Radan and, with all luck, finally give him the warrior death he deserves.

While Radan can be defeated usually, I believe this encounter is the latest in a long line of frustrated FromSoftware boss fights that run a lot smoother. When you use their unique mechanics rather than facing a threat like you would in any other fight. Remember. For example, Dark Souls 3duel with Yorm, the Giant. What can you nullify on his huge health bar with your puny weapons all you want. But the developers wanted you to use a special sword found in the arena to hit his impending skull instead of using wind magic. It turns an incredibly difficult fight into a cakewalk and feels more thematically appropriate to boot.

Radan’s fight ancient ring is also all about using your resources. Remember, I said that several warriors gathered for the holiday in the castle of the Red ManeWell. Then, you can call not one, not two, but six NPCs to help you defeat Radan. I wouldn’t say they make combat as easy as shredding Yorm to pieces with the Storm Ruler. But when Radahn’s massive attacks are focused on someone else. While you’re hit-and-run strafing your horse’ it is a lot better than having it on your ass all the time. Better yet, when your allies die – and trust me, they will die. Many– you can re-call them multiple times. These are the rules.

Oh yes, you can also summon Patch to fight Radon, but don’t expect him to stay.

In any case, fireworks do happen when Radan is defeated. As Sellen said, his death makes the stars move again. However, they must have been very eager to stretch their legs. Because they start flying around the heavens en masse, filling the sky with radiant light, returning to their normal cycles. Soon the comet will tilt to the ground and crash somewhere beyond the horizon. Opening a huge abyss in the Misty Forest is an early game region. This remains a permanent geological feature throughout the rest of your in-game time. And allows you to enter a new area known as Nokron. The Eternal City. And though, indeed, victory Souls bosses often change the world around you, I can’t remember anything of this magnitude happening in previous games.

Ring general Radan

Ancient ring general Radan is all I’m looking for, Souls boss. His backstory is equal parts bizarre and heartbreaking, the narrative obscures his past just enough to make him a compelling mystery. And he provides a unique experience in a game full of minute-by-minute surprises. Whose difficulty can be scaled based on your own choice. “Big dude in big armor who lost his mind” is common. Souls trope, sure, but I love how the developers explained his gravity-based moves through a touching connection to his horse. Incredibly, 13 years after Demon Souls was Released for the first time, FromSoftware is still able to create characters that have such a big impact.

Ancient ring character (or even your favorite Souls character as a whole) below in the comments. I’m sure many of you disagree – it’s the internet, after all – so feel free to tell me who you think is the best. If it’s Radan, then we’re officially best friends.


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