Elden Ring’s big silly jellyfish summon is my friend

As soon as I passed the ruins at the gate and ran up the slopes to the castle, dodging the giant all the way, I met a young lady named Roderick in the castle. She was very sad because all her people who came to the Interearth to fight for her were cut off and turned into a big chrysalis. She is trying to gain strength for the same fate. Hey lady, I didn’t come here to listen to your life story! But I hung out and chatted with her for a bit, and she eventually gave me my jellyfish, which I informally named Bubbles. Since then, Bubbles and I have been inseparable.

The Moon Witch was kind enough to give me a Summoning Bell which I can use to summon any Spiritual Ashes such as wolves – which Great — or my boy Bubbles. I pull out my bell, jingle, and Bubbles go up to the party. While wolves are constantly jumping, grinding and circling over their prey, the jellyfish is much more polite. It floats softly, and sometimes my enemies don’t even seem to notice its presence even after our blades clash.

But then my jellyfish friend spits out splashes of red ink. It hardly hurts; it’s more like an annoyance than anything else. But that’s why I love it. It doesn’t look threatening, but that’s the difference. After being killed dozens of times by a particularly pesky thug with a spear and shield in ruins, I took my medusa friend with me. This time, when the spear guy lunged at me and I deflected his spear, I had a moment of respite when Bubbles shot him in the back with good juice.

Every time Bubbles attacks a guy, it doesn’t look particularly painful. Instead, the enemies just seem a little flustered. They stagger forward, dust themselves off, and try to recover. Other times, they seem to decide they’ve had enough and actively run to kick Bubble’s giant amorphous ass. This opens them nicely for a counterattack.

How much progress have I made in the game? No. Do I feel like I’m improving, getting more and more used to the thrill of triumph as I improve my reflexes? Also no. It’s just me and Bubbles, baby, and we’ll beat the Tree Guardia

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