Elden Ring’s Death Smalls are the game’s strangest piece of armor

From large metal swords to comically tall wizard hats, if you see them you can steal them – and one of the most satisfying elements of the From games is the cosplay of the boss you’ve killed or the NPC whose questline you’re completing. completed.

IN ancient ring some players have even found a way to wear one NPC’s underwear even though they can’t actually find it in the game.

IN the ancient rings, there are a huge number of sets and pieces of armor that you can find, earn and equip as you play. This includes the deathbed dress, a piece of (very light) armor that players can discover relatively later in the game. The dress can be found in Lindell, the Royal Capital, next to a set of heavy armor worn by Lionel Lionheart.

The deathbed dress is unique in that it was once part of a set that included a hidden piece of armor called Deathbed Smalls which appears to have been left on the cutting room floor.

Of course, considering ancient rings available on PC, players have found workarounds to acquire Deathbed Smalls. According to fan attack, all you need is to download Cheat Engine, play ancient ring offline and give yourself item ID 1930300.

If you don’t want to go through all these troubles, here are some videos of ancient ringDeathbed Smalls in action to satisfy your curiosity. Be aware that you can find these NSFW videos.

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