Elden Ring’s Game of Thrones Easter Egg Can Be Found Surprisingly Early

When Elden Ring was announced, the developers announced that it was a creative collaboration between Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and Game of Thrones author George Martin. While Elden Ring is much closer to From Software’s previous RPGs than it is to Martin’s Game of Thrones, there is still a nice nod to Martin’s famous HBO hit series.

Spoilers for the Elden Ring boss and weapons below.

George R. R. Martin wrote the story of Elden Ring, which formed the basis of the game’s story. While Elden Ring has nothing to do with Martin’s other work, the From Software team has added a nice reference to Martin’s most famous work in the form of a weapon called the Grafted Blade Greatsword.

This two-handed sword is made up of several smaller swords fused together, and from the design, it clearly alludes to the famous Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Like the sword, the throne is made from different swords soldered together.

Credit: HBO, IGN

What’s more, the sword is available at the start of the game, though wielding it is a whole different matter. Effective use of weapons requires players to have 40 Strengths.

To get the sword, players will need to travel to the Weeping Peninsula. One of the great things about Elden Ring is how accessible it is early on. There are huge parts of the map that players can travel to almost immediately, including the Weeping Peninsula.

There, players will stumble upon Morne Castle. After fighting their way to the back of the castle, players can fight a boss named Leonin the Illegitimate, and the reward for defeating him is a large sword with a grafted blade.

If you need help getting there and getting past the boss, IGN has a complete Elden Ring guide, including a section on the Weeping Peninsula. You can also check out our important tips for beginners.

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