Elden Ring’s latest PC patch fixes a game-killing fire giant

The Elden Ring patch has been released today, announced by FromSoftware in the update thread on Twitter. This is a very small patch for a very large game, weighing only 13.1 MB. Then don’t expect anything that will change the rules of the game.

Well, unless you’ve been dancing with a fire giant with a penchant for killing games. This is one way to win the fight. And it’s also one of the fixes fixed in patch 1.02.2. The next time you start ditching it, you should have a more fair fight, or at least not find the game shutting down on its own.

The patch also fixes an issue where graphics cards were not being used, which, as you probably understand, is not the optimal way to play Elden Ring. Not that even the best GPUs guarantee decent performance. Frame rate drops and stuttering continue to be a problem no matter what is installed on your PC. Even my 3080 Ti has problems.

(1/2) Patch 1.02.2 for PC and PS5 is available now. PC:💠Fixed an issue that caused the graphics card to not be used, resulting in slow performance.💠Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash under certain conditions during the Molten Giant battle.💠Fixed other bugs. March 2, 2022

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And that’s all for specifics, unfortunately. The last item on this very short list is “Other bugs fixed,” which implies that they weren’t very big. There are no patch notes, just a tweet, so those fixes should remain a mystery for now.

I’m lucky that I avoided bugs, so I’m waiting for the optimization and the end of the damn stutters, which, frankly, have decreased since launch. However, it has not yet been completely excised. Luckily, the team hasn’t been quiet about it, and last week posted a description of how it plans to address performance issues.

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