Elden Ring’s messaging system made me temporarily OP

Elden Ring is already out. People from all over the world jumped into the game as soon as it was unlocked to explore the Gap between the lands and it was fun to watch everyone take their first steps together. I’ve had the game for a week or so now and couldn’t wait to see what players would do with the game. What I didn’t expect, however, was that new players would temporarily make him OP. You see, when I was experimenting with the messaging system in Elden Ring, I left a message for other players. He simply said “Boss” near the Chapel of Anticipation, where the Tarnished first wakes up. I knew Grafted Scion, the boss you shouldn’t defeat, was about to show up, so I just left a note there to see how the system worked and went on my merry way.

I forgot about this post. After all, it was just an experiment. It didn’t matter until the night Elden Ring was launched. And suddenly I became almost unstoppable. I learned this by participating in the Night Golgotha. This is a boss that is located near the start of the game and patrols the bridge south of the ruins at the gate at night. I ran away from him the first time I met him because, frankly, he scared the hell out of me. But as I thought about what to do next on my adventure, I thought it might be worth giving it a real try.

Everything was not going so well. I was hit hard and Golgotha ​​still had about a third of its health left. I lost the Torrent, I had no first aid kits left, in short, I’m finished. I check my health, the crawler remains. I run to him, wanting to come to terms with my untimely death. Farewell, cruel world, it was nice to meet you. And then someone appreciated my post. My character shone with crimson light and my health was almost completely restored. I got inspired. And instead of taking the hit of Golgotha ​​Night, I rolled over the attack and responded.

What I didn’t know about Elden Ring’s messaging system is that when your message is rated positively, you get healthy as a small reward. And if you leave a useful little message at the very beginning of the game, while the players are trying to understand what they are doing and want to interact with everything in sight, they will appreciate your message. The battle continued and even though Golgotha ​​patted me, the other players were still judging me. I should be dead in a ditch right now, but players somewhere else in the world were saving my ass without knowing it.

I passed the Golgotha ​​of Night. I shouldn’t have, but I did. And realizing the fleeting force of my actions, I teleported back to Elleh Church. If just one of these messages could save me multiple times in combat, what happens if I leave messages elsewhere?

I skipped my way to the first cave in the game and left another message indicating that there was a boss on the way. I also left some nice messages about people being friendly. And ratings poured in. Unfortunately, I was too tired to seriously take on another boss, my reaction speed was not what it should be at night. But I faced several fights feeling unstoppable. No raspberry bottles? No problem. Just sit still, roll away from your enemy, and someone else judging my words of wisdom somewhere else would save me. It was brilliant and crazy.

Of course, this is only a temporary effect. It won’t last long and I know it. It’s a pity that my little health buff only lasted one evening as newcomers came here, but as long as it lasted it was nice.

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