Elden Ring’s Minimal UI & HUD Has Become A Heated Controversy

You know the menus and screen elements that give you information about your health and runes. Like Souls-like before it, ancient ring has a poor user interface design. The HUD shows the most important information, including the stamina bar and equipped items – and that’s it.The photo jumped from Reddit to Twitter and has since been modified, acting as one of the progenitors of the ongoing user interface debate. Since then, many people, apparently including developers from Guerrilla Games, Nixxes Software, and Ubisoft— intervened with copious hot takes.  Others praised FromSoft for its minimal UI design for its simplicity as well as straightness.

Obsolete ring the user interface is just different,

 which some developers could ideally learn by looking at how successful the game was for FromSoft since its launch. Valentine Powell is a senior user interface engineer at Blizzard Entertainment. largely echoed this sentiment in a short Twitter thread. Powell said that features like intrusive UI elements don’t have to be in every game, simply because they work well in other games. Instead, what ancient ring can and should be an instructive moment for Western developers.

Bruno Diaz, designer, and writer in sunless sky developer Failbetter Games told Kotaku via private messages on Twitter that the heated debate shows that some people do not understand what FromSoft is trying to do with the ancient ring.

“It’s very easy to criticize ancient ringUI / UX, but it seems to be uninteresting to simply state that this is bad in a general sense, ”said Diaz. “It’s… normal, definitely acceptable for most people who play this game. And there is definitely some level of not trying to understand why some things are the way they are.

Diaz noted that, unlike other open-world games, ancient ring the map doesn’t always update to show your most recent events, although it does offer tools to let you manually tag it.

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However, the paired user interface complements ancient bring the power of an open-world exploration game. The minimalistic HUD allows you to move freely through the lands between objective markers or extra icons. You can just get lost without feeling the pressure of completing this task of defeating this boss. It’s comforting and invigorating in particular, because the game trusts you to find your way, whether it’s intuition, guides, observation, or all three.

“I don’t think that every single decision [FromSoft] does quite deliberately and objectively right, but there is [are] a few things

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