Elden Ring’s multiplayer servers will briefly go down for maintenance tonight

Not calling ahead, so the visions of sadness, Faded. Elden Ring will be down for a few hours while FromSoftware works to resolve some multiplayer issues across all platforms. For PC players, this downtime will occur on Monday, February 28 at 8:00 PM PT. (It’s 4 am GMT on March 1st.) According to FromSoft, the scheduled maintenance window will only last an hour. During the previous maintenance period, this was explained on his support site that “you will not be able to access Elden Ring’s online features” during these server downtimes.

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That means no co-op, no invasions, or any of the classic Souls messages I love so much, for at least an hour. For many of us, this will happen after we lay down our swords for the night. However, no luck for people in PST. No fun evening collaboration for you.

FromSoft hasn’t specifically stated what Elden Ring launch issues this maintenance is intended to address, only that it focuses on multiplayer features. We’ll be keeping an eye on the patch notes after maintenance.

For now, Elden Ring has released a day one patch to address some frame rate stuttering issues and another patch over the weekend related to Easy Anti-Cheat launch problems, PC mouse sensitivity, and other crashes


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