Elden Ring’s photo mod lets you take selfies with scary bosses

Elden Ring’s photo mod lets you take selfies with scary bosses

Elden Ring is a stunningly beautiful game made up of wide vistas that look torn from the romantic art period. It also has many cute dogs and terrifying enemies. By default, you need to use the Telescope item and disable the UI in order to take photos, but now you can install a mod that adds the correct photo mode to the game.

Frans “Otis_Inf” Bouma released unofficial photo mode tools for Elden Ring, which will be free until March 10th. As with the mod that allows you to pause the game and the cheats that you can use, you must play the game offline to avoid being blocked while using it. But if you can get away with player messages and cooperative play, you can download a mod to freely move the camera around the environment, make yourself invisible to enemies (like Margit, Fallen Omen), change the field of view, hide the user interface, and put the game pause.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the mod folder to run it. To do this, you need to drag and drop the file into the Elden Ring installation directory, which renames the file to disable Easy Anti-Cheat and takes the game offline. This can be fixed by dragging the file back, but be sure to do so before downloading the game so you won’t be banned from playing online in the future.

Elden Ring

It’s a risk worth taking because Elden Ring deserves to be shot in photo mode. Our very own Fraser Brown argued for this earlier this week: “The lack of a photo mode is much more noticeable and regrettable at Elden Ring, not only because it’s so damn amazing, but it gives you the space and time to explore its sights without risking. death with every screenshot.”

It is worth creating an offline character to complete the game and take pictures of all the beautiful trees and ruins. And with the pause function, you can capture your imminent death for all the terrifying monsters. Elden Ring was meant to be stared at, and I’m glad we can finally do that, even if it means breaking the rules a bit.

I just hope Bandai Namco doesn’t force Bouma to remove the tools when they eventually need a subscription to their Patreon, which Crytek did earlier this year.

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